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FANUC robots are some of the most advanced, durable, and intelligent in the industry. FANUC continues to develop innovative industrial robots and robotic technology which has kept them at the top amongst the big four robotic manufacturers. One of their latest innovations is their robust offline software, ROBOGUIDE.

In 2018 FANUC launched their offline robotic software platform ROBOGUIDE as an implementation tool for their industrial robots. ROBOGUIDE combines programming and simulation software for the ability to fully plan a robotic workcell layout and operation without the presence of the physical workcell itself. Using 3D technology users are able to create a virtual representation of a robotic system, program it, and then test it out by simulating real world scenarios. With ROBOGUIDE users can create a replica of their production environment to allow for complete optimization of an application before going live with the program. This allows users to determine the best robot for their production process as well as address any programming bugs or inefficiencies in the workcell layout. Once users are satisfied with their program, it can then be uploaded to their FANUC robot.

ROBOGUIDE is offered as an option with FANUC robots. It is an alternative to traditional teach pendant programming and is beneficial for complex applications. Many of FANUC’s robots are compatible with their offline software including the Arcmate 120ic and the R-2000ib. This software allows users to evaluate robotic systems, assess cycle times, use pre-existing CAD models, import CAD models, along with setting up and testing robot systems. ROBOGUIDE eliminates the need to invest in expensive prototyping. Users can develop a proof of concept before investing in robotic automation. For those with pre-existing systems, ROBOGUIDE allows productions to keep running while a new program is created since all programming is done outside the production environment. With ROBOGUIDE the FANUC M-710ic/50 can keep operating while programmers adjust the application program, reducing robot downtime.

FANUC also offers several application specific options for more targeted implementation and programming. Each option features application specific capabilities for welding, painting, palletizing, material handling, and pick and place processes. WeldPRO is the ROBOGUIDE plug-in for robotic arc welding applications. Users can program and simulate arc welding with the FANUC Arcmate 100ic. Those considering automating a palletizing application with the FANUC M-410ic/185 could use the PalletPRO software from ROBOGUIDE to evaluate the automation process. HandlingPRO is the robotic material handling application specific software. PaintPRO is the plug-in for painting automation. Pick and place automation can be setup and optimized with ROBOGUIDE’s PickPRO.

Opting to use ROBOGUIDE software can save time when implementing a robotic system. Since it allows for pre-programming and testing, application programs are perfected before being uploaded to the articulated robot and going live. Pendant programming takes time by having to manually enter all steps into the pendant and errors may not be caught before the robot begins operation. Robot uptimes increase through offline programming and simulation since robots do not need to be taken out of production for programming. ROBOGUIDE allows users to accurately plan, setup, and execute their robotic applications.

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