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FANUC Arc Welding Robots

Welding is the most common manufacturing application for automation with industrial robots. Nearly 50% of all robots are used for robotic welding. Many of those welding robots are used to automate arc welding processes. The repeatability, accuracy, and consistency of six axis robots makes them ideal candidates for arc welding.

FANUC is the top robotic manufacturer in the world. They produce hundreds of robots to automate just about any manufacturing process. FANUC arc welding robots are some of the most popular in the industry. Their arc welders can be used to automate all of the traditional arc welding applications including MIG and TIG, as well as plasma and laser welding processes.

FANUC’s Arc Mate series features a fleet of welding robots that have been specifically designed for arc welding automation. The robot line features the FANUC Arcmate 100ic and the Arcmate 120ic. Not only can FANUC’s Arc Mate series automate any arc welding process, but many can also perform automated plasma and laser cutting tasks. Efficiency is increased with the Arc Mate robots as they can make cuts to prepare parts and then weld those parts.

While FANUC’s Arc Mate series was designed specifically with arc welding in mind, they are not the only FANUC robots that can be used for arc welding automation. Models from FANUC’s LR Mate, M-Series, and R-Series can also be deployed for the purpose of arc welding. The FANUC M710ic/20L features an extended reach for a large work envelope, ideal for welding larger workpieces.

FANUC arc welding robots can be integrated with power sources from the major robotic welding equipment manufacturers, Fronius, Lincoln, and Miller. The Lincoln Powerwave 455M integrates easily with the FANUC Arcmate 120ib. While the Arc Mate 100ic and the Powerwave i400 pair well together. FANUC’s arc welders can also be integrated with Genesis and Lincoln Electric weld cells for a fully optimized welding system.

Features of FANUC Arc Welding Robots

There are many features that set FANUC’s arc welding robots apart from others. Articulated robots from FANUC are designed for easy integration with most weld packages. This simplifies installation for quicker setups of the weld torch, wire feeder, dresspack, and power source. Many of FANUC’s arc welding robots feature a hollow wrist and arm for internalizing welding cables. This feature prevents cable interference and also cuts down on cable wear, helping to keep maintenance costs low. For complex arc welding processes, FANUC robots can be integrated with their robotic vision system, iRVision. This allows robots to identify new parts, locate welds, and even inspect their own work post-weld.

Benefits of Automating Arc Welding with FANUC Robots

FANUC arc welding robots are expert welders. Their high repeatability combined with their wide range of motion results in high-quality welds that are better than those by a seasoned welder. The Arc Mate robots are designed with slim wrists and arms to be able to access confined spaces and hard to reach angles, meaning no weld is out of reach. The reliability and speed of FANUC’s arc welding robots will increase productivity and reduce cycle times. While their accuracy reduces errors preventing rework and wasted materials.

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