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Yaskawa Motoman Arc Welding Robots

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the most recognized robot manufacturers in the world. At the core of their robotic innovations is arc welding robots. Yaskawa Motoman is considered the leader when it comes to producing robotic automation solutions for arc welding applications. They have over three decades of experience designing, developing, and building the most reliable arc welding robots, sensors, software, and positioners. It does not stop with industrial robots, they have even designed a line of ArcWorld weld cells for complete arc welding automation with the convenience of a turnkey system.

Yaskawa Motoman’s welding robots can automate many arc welding applications including MIG, TIG, and robotic plasma welding. Their arc welding robots feature six to seven axes for a wide range of motion, with most being six axis robots. Their slimmer design saves space and allows for greater workpiece access. Yaskawa arc welding robots simplify even complex welds with their ability to reach narrow spaces or difficult angles. Yaskawa arc welding robots are the top choice of many manufacturers including those in the automotive, machinery, and metals industries.

Top Arc Welding Models

Yaskawa Motoman has been manufacturing arc welding robots since 1975. During that time, they have developed several robot models designed specifically for arc welding automation. Below is a list of some of their most successful models by series.

  • EA Series - The EA series is Yaskawa Motoman’s “Expert Arc” line. This series features the highly popular Motoman EA1400N and the EA1900N. Robots from the EA series have a light payload capacity of 3 kg and a reach that ranges from 1388 mm to 1904 mm.

  • MA Series - The MA series is Yaskawa Motoman’s “Master Arc” robot family. Robots in this arc welding line range from 3 kg to 10 kg for their payload capacity. While their reach ranges from 1434 mm up to 3121 mm. The Motoman MA1400 is the most well-known from the MA line.

  • VA Series - The “Versatile Arc” series features the first 7-axis arc welding robot, the Motoman VA1400. The 7-axis configuration of the VA1400 provides unmatched flexibility. Workpiece and jig interference are avoided with the extra axis allowing for optimal torch positioning to be maintained throughout the entire welding process.

Benefits of Yaskawa Motoman Arc Welding Robots

One of the biggest benefits of Yaskawa Motoman arc welding robots is their speed. Yaskawa arc welders allow for parts to be welded at faster rates than with manual welding. They also provide much higher uptime with the ability to run twenty-four hours a day. Faster operating speeds and higher uptimes increase productivity rates while also decreasing cycle times.

Another benefit users will realize when automating with robots is improved product quality. The high repeatability and accuracy of these articulated robots prevents welding errors that can result in poor welds or defective parts. All workpieces are replicated to the same high-quality with every cycle run.

Lastly, Yaskawa Motoman arc welding robots streamline productions. One Motoman HP50-20 can complete the same number of welds that would take two to three welders to complete manually. This simplifies production lines for more efficient manufacturing. With fewer components involved, better quality parts, and high productivity rates, manufacturers will see a huge potential for profit growth.

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