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We Buy Robots

Looking to sell your used robot? Robots Done Right will buy it from you. As a robotic equipment supplier, we are always looking to buy second-hand robots to add to our inventory. We buy robots of different brands and models. Robots Done Right offers competitive prices for used robots and will make the selling process as simple as possible. Transactions that take place with us are handled quickly and in some cases on the same day. We purchase robots used in welding automation, robotic assembly, automated dispensing, and robotic palletizing, just to name a few.

Whether you are looking to sell a single robot, multiple robots, or an entire production line of robots, Robots Done Right will consider all of these scenarios. As a reseller of second-hand robots and robot parts, we will consider purchasing any robotic brand. Typical brands we buy include top robotic manufacturers FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, and KUKA. Other brands we have purchased in the past include Universal, Epson, and Staubli among many others. Whether you have a FANUC Lr Mate 200id or a ABB IRB 4600 to sell, they will be considered by Robots Done Right.

Robots Done Right strives to make the selling process as painless as possible. We facilitate quick transactions and can even help sellers find their next industrial robot. Sellers will receive a competitive price for their used robotic system, freeing up capital or helping make the upgrade to a new robotic system more affordable. Robots Done Right also offers trade-ins, allowing sellers to upgrade robot models or switch brands in a more cost-effective manner. We can upgrade your FANUC Arcmate 120ib to a Arcmate 120ic. We offer a number of industrial robots from many of the major brands. We also work with other resellers and can help locate a specific robot model for you if we do not have it in stock when you sell your used robot with us. As we buy and sell different used robot brands, we can also exchange one brand for another. We can turn your FANUC M710ic/50 with R-30ia controller into a Motoman MH50 with DX100 controller.

Those looking to sell an entire robot production line will also be considered by Robots Done Right. We work with robot decommissioning companies to buy and move entire lines of robots. Robots Done Right has the ability to purchase robots in bulk, whether its ten or one hundred.

If you are interested in selling your used robot to Robots Done Right, you can contact us by email at mm@robotsdoneright.com or by phone at 440-724-6568. We will evaluate the information you send over to us and then provide you with a competitive offer. Even if we are not interested in your robot, we can assist with finding someone for you who is through our robot brokerage services. This can save you time from having to search for other potential buyers.

To allow us to be able to properly evaluate your used robot in order to provide you with its best value, please provide the following information to us:

  • • The robot brand, model, controller, year, and operation hours.

  • • The current condition of the robot. For example, is it like new, good, fair, or in poor condition?

  • • If there is any additional equipment with the robot such as a welding power supply, wire feeder, robotic vision system, EOAT, etc.

  • • The condition of the robotic components. For instance, is the cabling worn? Are all components functioning properly? Is there any damage?

  • • If all parts of the robot are intact and accounted for. For example, is the robot missing its controller or any internal parts?

  • • Please include pictures of the robot as well.

Contact Robots Done Right at 440-724-6568 in order to discuss selling a used industrial robot today.