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Used FANUC Controllers

The controller is one of the key components of any FANUC robot. FANUC controllers are the computer system that connects to the industrial robot to control the operation and movements of the robot arm and EOAT. Without a controller, FANUC robots are inoperable.

Sometimes robotic controllers can breakdown or an articulated robot may be sold without the original controller. In either case a replacement controller will be needed. Robot users will have the choice to purchase a new or used FANUC controller. Used FANUC controllers are excellent replacement options. Just as there is a large used robot market, there is a large used robot part market with used controllers in high demand.

Those with older FANUC robots needing a replacement controller will have the best chance of finding a compatible option by purchasing used. The FANUC R-2000ia is paired with the RJ3iB controller which is no longer manufactured. Buying a used RJ3iB controller will be compatible with the R-2000ia preserving the current robot system. Buying a used FANUC controller is less expensive than purchasing an entire robot.

Buying a used FANUC controller will be more affordable than buying a brand-new controller. Used robotic parts typically cost 40% to 70% less than new parts which is a significant amount of savings. Many companies may not have a large budget for replacement parts especially when unexpected failures occur. In addition, when a controller goes down the six axis robot cannot operate, costing manufacturers money through lost production. The savings a used FANUC controller provides makes the replacement process a little less painful by not taking up a big chunk of your budget.

Purchasing a used FANUC controller is a good option for those wanting a backup controller on hand to avoid production disruptions. The affordability of a used controller can allow manufacturers to justify stocking a spare controller. If the controller for your FANUC Lr Mate 200ic breaks down, having a spare R-30iA controller avoids any major disruptions to your production.

Sometimes used FANUC robots are sold with the controller missing. Used robots with missing controllers can be bought at incredibly low prices, but buyers need to source a controller. The best option in this scenario is to buy a used FANUC controller. A used FANUC controller is likely to be compatible with your robot and will not take away from all the savings of your robot purchase.

FANUC has manufactured several robotic controllers over the years and many of those can be purchased used. These include the RJ3, RJ3iB, R-30iA, and R-30iB controller models. The RJ3 is compatible with FANUC robots manufactured in the late 1990s to early 2000s. This includes the FANUC Arcmate 120i. The RJ3iB is compatible with many of FANUC’s most popular robots. The FANUC LR Mate 200ib and M-16ib/20 can both be paired with the RJ3iB controller. The R-30iA controller is the successor to the RJ3iB. Like the RJ3iB controller, the R-30iA is compatible with many of FANUC’s most successful robots including the FANUC M-10ia. The FANUC R-30iB controller is one of the more recent FANUC controllers. Even though it is newer there are some R-30iB controllers circulating in the used part market. Newer FANUC robots like the M-20ib/25 can be paired with the R-30iB.

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