Motoman Vs. Kuka Robots

selling a used Motoman robot Selling a used KUKA robot selling a used Motoman robot Selling a used KUKA robot Sell a Motoman robot

Motoman and KUKA are both amongst what are considered to be the top robotic manufacturers. Motoman currently has over 400,000 robots installed across the world while KUKA has over 80,000 that are currently active. Both manufacturers have earned a reputation for building reliable, innovative, and efficient robots which is why they are commonly used across a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods to name a few. Each manufacturer offers a wide range of robot models with various payloads and reaches. Motoman robots have payload ranges between 0.5 kg to 900 kg and axis ranges of 4 to 15. While KUKA robots have payload ranges from 2 kg to 1300 kg.

The various robot models offered by both Motoman and KUKA are designed to cover numerous applications with the most common being robotic assembly, material handling, arc welding, painting, automated palletizing, and material removal. Although they both cover very similar application types their robots differ in their design and benefits. For example, both manufacturers offer a line of arc welding robots, however, Motoman has long been known as the top producer when it comes to robotic arc welding. Motoman’s arc welding robots like the Motoman MA1400, feature through the arm cabling which prevents wear, interference, and helps produce more accurate welds. Motoman’s arc welding robots are also compatible with more power source types than any other manufacturer due to their digital interface. This digital interface also provides advanced monitoring and easy adjustment of the weld parameters.

KUKA’s arc welding robots, such as the KR 16, are designed with enhanced efficiency in mind with their one control system. They also are capable of heavier payloads and feature extended reaches for those difficult to access spaces. Their increased range of motion provides greater flexibility and also allows for easier access to difficult workpieces.

Motoman and KUKA also are known for their all-round material handling robots. Motoman material handling robots can have 4 to 15 axes and they even offer a dual arm option with their SDA series. With payloads up to 900 kg they are capable of handling some serious weight. They also offer a variety of mounting options including ceiling, wall, floor, or shelf for increased workpiece access. Popular Motoman material handling robots include Mh6 and MH50.

KUKA material handling robots are mostly 6-axis options, but they have even heavier payload ranges with up to 1300 kg possible. KUKA material handling robots are more limited with their mounting options as compared to Motoman with just ceiling or floor available. However, they feature a special coating making them heat resistant and many have high IP ratings for protection from dust and liquids. This makes them an excellent choice for any material handling tasks within harsh environments. Popular KUKA material handling robots include KR 60-3 and KR 5.

While Motoman and KUKA may be known for more traditional industrial robotic applications they are both making a name for themselves beyond the industrial robot world. Motoman has entered into robotic 3D printing, prototyping, and inkjet printing. While KUKA has entered the entertainment industry with their passenger carrying robot arm that is currently used among major theme parks.

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