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FANUC M-710i Robot Series

The FANUC M-710i series features several multipurpose industrial robots built to automate applications within the medium payload range. There have been three generations of M-710i robot manipulators released by FANUC. Each generation of M-710i robots has built upon the success of the previous robot line by adding upgrades to enhance performance.

FANUC M-710i

The FANUC M-710i was the first generation industrial robot of the M-710i robot family. The FANUC M-710i has a payload of 45 kg, a reach of 1,706 mm, 6 axes, and a repeatability of 0.15 mm. The FANUC M-710i can be paired with either the FANUC R-J2 or R-J3 controller. The FANUC M-710i is capable of automating machine loading, material handling, material removal, and arc welding applications. While this articulated robot was originally released over 20 years ago it is no longer in production but can be found on the second-hand market. A used FANUC M-710i is an excellent cost-effective option for robotic automation.


The FANUC M-710iB series is the second generation of M-710i robots. The FANUC M-710iB/45 is the successor to the M-710i. It features the same payload and reach but its repeatability was improved to +/- 0.07 mm. The M-710iB series also features a higher payload and longer reach variant with the FANUC M-710iB/70. The FANUC M-710iB/70 is capable of handling payloads up to 70 kg and has a longer reach of 1,893 mm. Both M-710iB robots are paired with the FANUC RJ3iB controller. The M-710iB handling robots are ideal for automating press tending, packaging, material handling, and material removal applications. Automating with a M-710iB robotic manipulator is an affordable option as these robots are only available used.


The FANUC M-710iC series is the third and latest generation of M-710i manufacturing robot arms released by FANUC. The series features the most M-710i robots with options for extended reach, lower payload, higher payload, and high inertia. Payloads for the M-710iC robots start at 12 kg with the FANUC M-710ic/12L and go up to 70 kg with the M-710ic/70. Reaches range from 2,050 mm to 3,123 mm. What is unique about the M-710iC robots is that they are able to cover large work envelopes while consuming minimal amounts of space. The M-710iC industrial robot arms were designed with compact footprints and slim robotic arms which allows them to be installed in confined spaces. Their design minimizes the chance of interference with peripherals allowing them to operate freely in high density layouts. The M-710iC factory robots also allow for multiple installation options including overhead and angle mounting. Installing the FANUC M-710ic/50 overhead saves floorspace and can maximize the work envelope.

Other upgrades made to the M-710iC robots include faster operating speeds, fewer mechanical components for reduced maintenance and higher reliability, and a rigid robotic arm for force control applications. The M-710iC robots can be paired with the FANUC R-J3iC, R-30iA, R-30ib or R-30iB Plus controllers. These articulated robots are ideal for automating assembly, packaging, material handling, material removal, and arc welding applications. The FANUC M-710iC robots can be purchased in new or used condition. Buying a used FANUC M-710ic/20L is a more economical way to automate manufacturing and can allow for a faster ROI.

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