Comparison of the FANUC R-2000iA Series & R-2000iD Series

The FANUC R-2000iA series features the original line of R-2000i robots. Since the debut of the R-2000iA robots, FANUC has launched three additional generations of R-2000i industrial robots. Their most recent is the R-2000iD series which is the fourth generation of one of FANUC’s most successful robot lines. There have been several improvements made to the R-2000iD robots, building upon the success of the original R-2000iA series.

FANUC R-2000iA Robots

The FANUC R-2000iA robots comprise some of FANUC’s most popular robot models. The base model for the series is the FANUC R-2000ia/165F, which is well-known in the robotic world. The R-2000i robots were designed with a compact footprint and slim robotic arm. Despite their slimmer profile, these articulated robots are able to automate medium to heavy payload applications ranging from 125 kg up to 210 kg. The FANUC R-2000iA robots make heavy payload automation possible without sacrificing tons of precious floorspace.

The robots in the R-2000iA series are the ultimate multipurpose machines with the ability to automate several types of applications. From automated material handling to spot welding to robotic material removal, the R-2000iA robots have you covered. The R2000ia/210F is ideal for spot welding automation.

As mentioned above, the R2000ia/165F is the base model of the series. There are several additional models featuring different variations from the 165F. The R-2000ia/125L is the extended reach variant of the series, perfect for those with large work envelopes. All models in the R-2000iA robot line are paired with the RJ3iB controller.

Since the R-2000iA series is the original line of the FANUC R-2000i robots, they are no longer in production. However, these robots are still widely deployed across manufacturing floors around the world as they are incredibly well built for a long lifespan. While there have been other installments released after the R-2000iA robots, they are still in high demand across second-hand markets.

FANUC R-2000iD Robots

The FANUC R-2000iD series features several improvements from the original R-2000iA robots, most notably in regard to the robotic footprint and arm design. The footprint of the R-2000iD robots is even more compact than the R-2000iA robots with a reduction of 23% for greater space savings.

The arm design of the R-2000iD robots has had a major overhaul from their predecessors. The robotic arm is still slender, but with a hollow interior for internal cable routing. Cable life is extended by preventing wear and tear through the hollow arm design. Robot operation is made more reliable by eliminating the risk of cable interference. Maintenance is made easy through strategic openings along the arm, allowing for quick access to cables.

Currently there are only three models in the R-2000iD series, the R-2000id/100FH, R-2000id/165FH, and R-2000id/210FH. These FANUC robots can automate spot welding and material handling applications. The R-2000id/165FH is comparable to the base model of the R-2000iA series, the 165F with a 165 kg payload. The other R-2000iD robots feature a 100 kg and 210 kg payload capacity for medium to heavy lifting applications like their predecessors in the R-2000iA robot line.

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