What are the Main Differences Between Fronius & Lincoln Welders?

Fronius CMT 3200 Lincoln Powerwave R350

Robotic welders also known as power supplies or power sources are a central part of any automated welding system. Robotic welders integrate with arc welding robots to perform a welding application automatically. Automated welding systems improve part quality, increase productivity, and lower costs making the decision to convert a manual process to an automated one relatively easy. What can be a challenge is deciding on which brands to automate with. There are many different robotic power supply brands for buyers to choose from. Two of the top brands are Fronius and Lincoln Electric. Both of these brands are known for manufacturing high-quality, reliable welders that integrate well with industrial robots. Below is a look at some of the key differences between these two robotic welder brands.

Robot Compatibility

Fronius power supplies are compatible with robots from FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, KUKA, and ABB. Fronius welders are offered as options for both Yaskawa Motoman and ABB pre-engineered weld cells. The FANUC Arcmate 120ic can be integrated with Fronius welders. While the Motoman MA1900 and the ABB 2400 can also be integrated with power supplies from Fronius.

Lincoln Electric power supplies are mainly integrated with FANUC welding robots. FANUC’s Arc Mate robots come standard with Lincoln Electric’s pre-engineered weld cells. The long-standing relationship between FANUC and Lincoln Electric makes integration between the robots and welders relatively easy. The Arcmate 100ic and M-710ic/20L are two of FANUC’s robots that are often included with Lincoln’s weld cells.

One of the main factors to consider when selecting a robotic welder is if it will be compatible with your welding robot.

Welding Applications

Fronius robotic welders are considered specialists when it comes to automated MIG and MAG welding applications. Their welders can also be used for the automation of TIG and plasma welding processes. Fronius welders are also some of the best when it comes to welding aluminum and stainless steel. They are also popular when it comes to welding thin metals.

Lincoln Electric robotic welders can be deployed for a variety of welding processes. The main welding applications they cover include MIG, TIG, STT, and FCAW. Integrating the Lincoln R350 with the FANUC Arcmate 100ic creates an ideal automated welding system for MIG applications.

Just like robot brand compatibility is important when selecting a robotic welder, application compatibility is also critical to consider. You will want to ensure the welder you select is capable of the application or applications you are automating.

Robots Done Right sells used robotic welding supplies from both Fronius and Lincoln Electric. From Fronius, RDR carries welders from their CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) series. Fronius CMT welders feature cold metal transfer technology that limits the amount of heat applied for clean, spatter-free welds.

From Lincoln Electric RDR carries several welders from the PowerWave series. We frequently stock the Lincoln Powerwave i400 and the 455M, both of which can be integrated with the FANUC Arcmate 120ib/10L. Lincoln’s PowerWave series is one of their most popular and integrates with most used FANUC welding robots.

Robots Done Right is the place to start when it comes to used robots. Contact us if you are interested in buying or selling a used robot.