Miller vs Lincoln Welding Power Supplies

Lincoln Powerwave R500 Miller Auto Continuum 500

The power supply, also referred to as the power source, is one of the most critical components of any robotic welding package as it is considered the center of a robot welding system. The robotic welding power supply is the machine used to supply the energy needed in order to generate the electric current required for most automated arc welding applications. The electric current is what is used to produce the electric arc in order to heat, melt, and join metal workpieces together. In addition to supplying the electric current of a robotic welding application, power supplies may also control the shielding gas used to protect the weld pool.

Miller Electric and Lincoln Electric are two of the top brands for robotic welding equipment, especially when it comes to robotic welding power sources. Both companies have a long history manufacturing welding equipment. Miller Electric goes back 90 years while Lincoln Electric got its start in 1895. Both brands are well-known due to their high-quality robotic power supplies. Deciding between these two brands when automating a welding process will likely come down to a few key differences.

Miller Power Supplies

Miller Electric has developed several world-renowned power supplies for robotic welding. Their power sources are manufactured based upon the ISO: 9001:2000 standard. The Auto Axcess line is Miller’s older series of power supplies that are mainly available on the second-hand market. The Miller Auto Axcess 450 is an excellent option for integrating with older welding robots. Newer lines from Miller include the Auto Continuum series.

Lincoln Electric Power Supplies

Lincoln Electric also manufacturers superior robotic welding power supplies as they too adhere to strict standards. Lincoln is most well-known for their PowerWave series which features several welders that can be integrated with welding robots. Some of the most popular welders from the series include the Powerwave R500 and the Powerwave i400.

Robot Brand Compatibility

One of the key factors to consider when selecting a power supply is the brand of the industrial robot you will be integrating it with as some robot brands and welders communicate better than others. Miller power supplies are best suited for integration with Yaskawa Motoman or ABB robots. The Miller Auto Continuum 500 integrates nicely with the ABB IRB 4600-20 and the Yaskawa Motoman MA1440.

Lincoln Electric has a long-standing relationship with FANUC Robotics. FANUC ArcMate robots come standard with Lincoln Electric weld cells, so naturally Lincoln welders will integrate well with FANUC welding robots. The Lincoln i400 can be integrated with the FANUC Arcmate 120ic or M-710ic/20L. Many of the welders from Lincoln’s PowerWave series can be paired with robots from FANUC’s ArcMate series.

Welding Applications

Miller power supplies can be deployed for both automated MIG and TIG welding applications. However, MIG applications tend to be their specialty and what most people prefer when it comes to Miller power supplies. Integrating the FANUC Arcmate 100ic with the Lincoln Powerwave R500 is ideal for MIG automation.

Lincoln Electric power sources can be used for MIG, TIG, STT, Flux Cored, as well as other welding applications. For those looking to automate a TIG process, opting for the Yaskawa Motoman MA1440 with the Miller Auto-Continuum 350 would be a good choice.

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