Industrial Robot Slides

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
Industrial robot slide is another term used to describe robot transfer units (RTUs). Industrial robot slides add a 7th axis to six-axis robots and solve one of the main limitations of industrial robots which is lack of linear mobility.

Industrial robot slides feature a linear track system with a platform. Industrial robots are mounted to the platform. The slide is then used to transport the robot between workstations or move it to another workcell. This enhances the multipurpose capabilities of industrial robots, allowing a single articulated robot to perform multiple tasks. Robot slides can be as short as just a few feet or span an entire factory. In the past industrial robot slides have mainly been integrated with articulated robots. However, now that collaborative robots are becoming more common in manufacturing, they are also being integrated with slides. Industrial robot slides can be installed in multiple ways. The most common is floor mounted but they can also be inverted or elevated.

What Robotic Applications are Best for Slides?

There are a number of robotic applications that can benefit from integrating the FANUC M-20ia or another robot with a slide system. Any applications involving very large workpieces or those requiring the robot to cover a large workspace will benefit from a robotic slide. Slides extend the work envelope of robots, allowing them to effectively work with large parts or bigger workspaces. The Motoman MH50-20 is an extended reach robot but for extra-long workpieces a robotic slide will allow it to cover the entire length without stoppages for repositioning. Robotic slides are ideal for material handling, part transfer, welding, painting, injection molding, machine tending, assembly, drilling, and dispensing. Those that want to get the most use out of their multipurpose robot should consider adding a 7th axis through a robotic slide as it allows a single robot to automate multiple steps of a production process by converting it from a stationary robot to a mobile robot. Integrating the ABB 4400 with a slide allows it to assemble parts in one workstation and then transfer the finished item to the shipping station where it can package the item.

What are the Benefits of Robot Slides?

  • • Linear Mobility - Integrating industrial robots with slides turns them into mobile robots. Linear mobility gives manufacturers more flexibility and options for automating their operations. Robots are no longer limited to a specific space.

  • • Faster Cycle Times - Cycle times will become faster with robot slides as they can quickly move parts from workstation to workstation without delays or stoppages. With slides robots can move at speeds up to three meters per second, which is much faster than manual transferring or even other manufacturing equipment.

  • • Streamlines Operations - Robot slides can reduce the equipment and workers needed for manufacturing. A single robot can automate multiple processes with the ability to move between work areas.

  • • Expands Work Envelope - Robot slides can significantly expand the work envelope of robots. Bigger work envelopes make it possible for manufacturers to automate processes with large prats or those requiring great distances.

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