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Components of Yaskawa Motoman Weld Cells

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the leading manufacturers of robotic arc welding equipment. They have designed several lines of factory robots specifically dedicated to arc welding automation. Automating arc welding with the Yaskawa Motoman MA1440 and other Yaskawa Motoman robots will significantly improve your welding process. However, for complete optimization of arc welding a Yaskawa Motoman weld cell should be considered.

Yaskawa Motoman’s ArcWorld robotic weld cells are pre-engineered work cells dedicated to automating arc welding applications. These weld cells come fully integrated and pre-assembled with all equipment needed to completely optimize an arc welding process. Yaskawa Motoman’s ArcWorlds simplify the installation and integration process. There are several different ArcWorld variations available with each varying based on footprint, size of workpieces, and production volume needs. Components of each ArcWorld vary based on the exact model, but in general users can expect the following:

  • • Arc Welding Robot - Yaskawa Motoman weld cells typically contain one to three of their arc welding six axis robots. Their smaller ArcWorlds can house one to two industrial robotic arms while their larger weld cells can house up to three. The Yaskawa MA1900 is a common articulated robot used in their weld cells for smaller part welding. Weld cells with a single robot will still allow for higher productivity while those with multiple welding industrial robots can achieve hyper productivity levels. The robot controller will also be included with the work cell. The exact controller model will depend upon the welding robot manipulators integrated in the weld cell.

  • • Welding Equipment - The welding equipment needed to automate an arc welding application will also be included. This will consist of the EOAT, which in this case will be a weld torch. A power supply will also be included. Yaskawa Motoman welding robots can be integrated with the Miller Auto Axcess 450 or the Fronius CMT 3200 for the power supply. A positioner will also be integrated with the weld cell. The exact type of robotic positioner will vary by cell design and payload capacity. Yaskawa Motoman’s smaller weld cells may feature a table positioner, headstock positioner, or turntable positioner. Their larger weld cells typically contain a Ferris wheel positioner. Fixturing may also be part of the weld cell.

  • • Safety Equipment - Safety equipment will also be included to ensure the safe operation of the robotic manipulator by keeping the work area clear of operators and other workers. Yaskawa Motoman weld cells use barriers or safety fencing to enclose the robot’s work area. Interlocking or a roll-up doors allow operators access to the work cell while the manufacturing robot arm is not operating. An area scanner may also be included to protect the weld cell and area under the positioner. Area scanners emit light and when the light field is broken the industrial robot arm in the cell will cease operation. Arc glare shields may also be included. These are integrated to the fencing of the weld cell in order to protect surrounding workers from the glare produced from the arc during welding. An E-stop button will also be included to allow operators to stop the robot’s operation in case an emergency occurs.

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