Common Misconceptions About Used Robots

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
The demand for industrial robots has seen tremendous growth in recent years as more manufacturers turn to robotic automation. The explosion of robotic automation has created long lead times in the new robot market. Fortunately, there are many readily available industrial robots through the used robot market. However, buyers are often hesitant to consider or buy a used robot. Contrary to popular belief new does not always mean better and this is the case when it comes to industrial robots. Below we address some of the common misconceptions surrounding used robots to help put potential buyers’ minds at ease.

  • • Faulty - Many believe that if a robot is used it is likely to be faulty and plagued with problems. This belief is false as many used industrial robots are still in good condition. Most sellers want to retain as much value as possible from their used robot and the best way to do this is keep it well-maintained and ensure it is in good condition when selling. In addition, most used robotic sellers rigorously test used robots before listing them for sale to ensure proper working condition. Some will even recondition the robot before putting it up for sale. Buyers can find a used FANUC Arcmate 120ic in like-new condition through the second-hand market.

  • • High Operation Hours - Many assume a used robot will have a high number of operations hours and that high hours on a robot are bad. While it is likely that a used Motoman EA1400N along with other older robot models will have logged higher operation hours, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Articulated robots can operate well over 100,000 hours. There are also many lower hour used robots on the market as well.

  • • Shorter Lifespan - Another misconception about used robots is they will have a shorter lifespan. As mentioned above, most used six axis robots are in like-new or good condition either through reconditioning or regular maintenance. Since robots can operate over 100,000 hours buying second-hand does not mean a shorter shelf life. A used FANUC R-2000ic can operate just as long as a new FANUC R-2000id.

  • • Lack of Spare Parts - Some are hesitant to purchase a used robot over concerns they will not be able to find compatible spare parts should a robotic component need to be replaced down the road. Fortunately, in addition to a large used robot market there is an extensive used spare parts market. Buyers can find compatible cables, servo motors, CPUs, etc. for their used robot. Used spare parts are significantly cheaper than new ones making repairing a used robot much more budget friendly.

  • • Lack of Compatible Equipment - Buying a used robot does not mean there will be a lack of compatible equipment to integrate with it. Many used robotic sellers also sell used end-effectors, power supplies, wire feeders, positioners, teach pendants, and controllers among other items that are compatible with older robot models. There is no shortage of peripheral equipment that can be integrated with a used robot. In fact, an entire robotic system can be configured with used equipment making automating more affordable. There are also entire used robotic systems for sale that will include all equipment needed for a given application.

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