Best Practices for Maintaining a Used Robot

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Automating with a used robot is cost-effective and provides many of the same advantages as a new robot. Used robots can be just as reliable and long lasting as new ones. The best way to protect your used robot investment and ensure you get the most value from it is to conduct regular maintenance.

All articulated robots whether new or used will require maintenance in order to keep them running in optimal condition. There are two methods used for robotic maintenance, either the more traditional preventative method or the newer predictive method. Since most used robots are older they likely do not have the software needed for predictive maintenance, therefore traditional preventative maintenance will be best for maintaining a used FANUC Arcmate 120ic along with other second-hand robots.

Preventative maintenance involves inspecting a robot’s condition at predetermined intervals of time. These time intervals may be based off of specific calendar time or the operation hours of a six axis robot. During these maintenance intervals, robots are thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Parts that have become worn or are no longer reliable should be replaced during this time. Some robotic components should be replaced regardless during maintenance as they may be more prone to wear and tear. Preventative maintenance is critical to preventing breakdowns of your used robot by finding potential issues before they become costly and time-consuming repairs. Preventative maintenance is also important for ensuring you get the most use out of your used robot. A used ABB 2600-20 that is well-maintained can last just as long as a brand new robot. Robots can operate for well over 100,000 hours when properly cared for. Other reasons to maintain your used robot include to limit any unplanned downtime, prevent costly repairs, ensure a safe work environment, and to keep the robot’s operation running at optimal levels.

Best Practices for Maintaining a Used Robot

  • • Follow recommended maintenance schedule - All top robot manufacturers provide recommended maintenance intervals for their robots. You should follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for your used robot. FANUC recommends preventative maintenance for their robots every 3,850 hours. If you have a used FANUC LR mate 200ic, then maintenance should occur based on FANUC’s recommendation.

  • • Keep spare parts - Some robotic parts should be kept onsite as spares so they can be quickly replaced during maintenance to prevent long periods of downtime for repairs. Not every component of a used robot needs a spare part, but consumables and those that are prone to wear and tear should have spares. Fortunately, used robots are compatible with used robot parts which will be more affordable to stock up on.

  • • Make a preventative maintenance checklist - Compiling a list of tasks to complete during the preventative maintenance of your used robot ensures no step goes missed. Some common maintenance tasks include:

    • o Backing up controller memory
    • o Inspecting the teach pendant
    • o Tightening bolts
    • o Checking for excessive vibrations or noise
    • o Greasing joints
    • o Cleaning debris from the robot and controller cabinet
    • o Cleaning vents
    • o Checking cables for wear
    • o Replacing cables if worn
    • o Testing batteries, replacing if needed
    • o Inspecting safety equipment

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