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Advantages of Used Yaskawa Motoman Robots

Yaskawa Motoman is amongst the top four robotic manufacturers. Their industrial robots are some of the most popular for automating production processes such as arc welding, material handling, palletizing, material removal, and assembly among many other applications. However, the high cost and long delivery times for new Yaskawa Motoman robots can prevent many companies from automating with them. Fortunately, used Yaskawa Motoman robots are readily available through a variety of sellers. Used Yaskawa Motoman factory robots allow companies to overcome the obstacles associated with purchasing a new industrial robot with their many advantages.

Purchase a Reliable Industrial Robot for Less Money

Yaskawa Motoman industrial robot arms are well-built and extremely reliable. Due to their high quality they can operate for several years to even decades. Purchasing a used Yaskawa Motoman MA1440 or another second-hand Yaskawa Motoman robotic manipulator will be just as reliable as a new robot. The only difference is the cost will be significantly less than a brand new robot. On average buyers can save between 40% to 60% on a used Yaskawa Motoman robot. The affordability of a used Motoman HP20D allows companies of any size to be able to justify automating their operations.

Same Benefits as a New Robot

The rational that new is always better is not necessarily true when it comes to articulated robots. Automating with a used Yaskawa MH12 will provide the many of the same benefits as a new Yaskawa Motoman robot. Automating with used Yaskawa industrial robotic arms will lower production costs, increase productivity, decrease cycle times, improve quality, make productions more efficient, and create a safer work environment for employees. To take advantage of the benefits of robotic automation you do not need the latest six axis robots. Used Yaskawa Motoman robot manipulators will allow users to obtain the benefits of robotic automation, just with less upfront costs.

Reduced Timeframe for ROI

Purchasing a used Yaskawa Motoman robot can reduce the timeframe it will take to realize your return on investment, allowing for a faster return and greater savings. With a lower upfront cost, less funds will need to be earned back which can allow buyers to maximize their ROI for a quicker return. The sooner the ROI, the sooner companies can expand their profit potential.

Shorter Lead Times

Most used Yaskawa Motoman industrial robot arms are available for immediate shipping. Lead times and delivery of used Yaskawa Motoman robots are typically shorter than those for new robots. Used Yaskawa Motoman robots are already assembled and in most cases located domestically. New robots can have long lead times due to delays in manufacturing or shipping from overseas. For those needing a handling robots as soon as possible, the best option is to purchase used.

Faster Setup

It is very likely that robot technicians and operators will already be familiar with the Motoman EA1900N and other used Yaskawa Motoman robots. Used Yaskawa Motoman robots are usually older models that have been around for several years, making it likely technicians and operators have worked with them in the past. The familiarity of used Yaskawa robots reduces the learning curve for programming and operating them. This allows for faster setups as little to no additional training will be needed.

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