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Used Yaskawa Motoman Robots for Welding Automation

When it comes to robotic automation the number one application is welding. Welding robots account for almost fifty percent of all active industrial robots. The complexity, skill, and concentration required have many companies automating their welding processes. The benefits of welding automation are hard to beat with lower costs, better quality, higher productivity, and increased efficiency. As the welding industry continues to see a record number of welders retire, companies are combating the welder shortage with the Yaskawa Motoman MA1440 and other welding robots.

Nearly every robotic manufacture offers welding robots. However, one of the top brands for welding automation is Yaskawa Motoman. Yaskawa Motoman has been producing welding robots for over thirty years and is considered the industry leader for arc welding automation. They have developed multiple factory robot series dedicated to arc welding along with a line of turnkey work cells for complete welding optimization. They also manufacture articulatd robots designed specifically for spot welding automation.

With a history of several decades of producing welding robots and equipment, many of Yaskawa Motoman’s industrial robots can be found on the used robot market. Used Yaskawa Motoman welding robots are an excellent alternative to purchasing a brand new robot. Yaskawa Motoman is one of the top robotic brands in the world with their high quality and reliable industrial robots. In most cases purchasing a used Yaskawa Motoman robot will have the same quality as a new Yaskawa Motoman robot. Buying a used Yaskawa MA1900 will provide pretty much the same benefits of welding automation.

The only main difference between buying a used Yaskawa Motoman welding robot and a new one is the cost. Used six axis robots will be significantly more affordable than a new robot. Companies with limited budgets or those running small to mid-size operations can make welding automation a reality with second-hand robots. A used Yaskawa Motoman robot will be compatible with other used equipment such as the weld torch and power source, helping to keep the entire cost of a robotic welding system on the lower end of your budget. It is not just the initial cost that buyers can save money on, but also the upkeep of the welding system. Used Yaskawa Motoman robots will be compatible with used parts. Used parts are less expensive than new parts. When components on the Yaskawa Motoman EA1900N need to be replaced due to wear and tear, maintenance costs are reduced by replacing those parts with used ones.

Robots Done Right sells used Yaskawa Motoman welding robots for both arc and spot welding. For arc welding automation RDR has used robots available form the EA, MA, and VA series. We also have complete used weld cells available with Yaskawa Motoman arc welding robots. Robots Done Right also sells used robotic welding power supplies that are compatible with Yaskawa Motoman robots. Buyers can purchase the Motoman MA1400 with the Miller Auto-Axcess 450 for a complete robotic welding package.

For spot welding automation, Robots Done Right has several used robots form the Yaskawa Motoman ES series, including the Motoman ES165D. In addition to selling used Yaskawa Motoman welding robots, Robots Done Right also buys them. Buyers looking to upgrade their used welding robot can do so through our trade-in program.

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