Industrial Robot Trends for 2024

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
2024 looks to be another year of growth within the robotics industry. More companies and industries are expected to adopt robotic automation or add to their pre-existing robot fleets. Advancements in robotic technology, the push for sustainable manufacturing, and the effort to reshore manufacturing are some of the key drivers behind the expected growth of the industrial robot industry as we head into the new year. There are also several trends expected to emerge this year that will further grow the use of the FANUC M-20ia and other industrial robots.

Increased Adoption of SCARA Robots

One trend expected in 2024 is the growth of SCARA robot adoption. SCARA robots have been around for decades, mainly being used to automate assembly processes. However, in recent years their use has expanded to other applications including machine loading, engraving, material handling, and pick and place. The compact size of the FANUC SR-6ia and other SCARA robots allows them to be easily integrated along production lines. SCARA robots excel at fast, high-precision tasks. In 2024, SCARA robots are expected to be integrated with artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT). These two features will allow for more advanced SCARA robot operations and will add to their growth.

Advancements in Cobot Automation

Another trend for 2024 will be advancements with collaborative robot technology, particularly with their safety features. The Universal UR10 along with other cobots already feature a number of safety devices that allow for cobots to operate alongside and interact with humans. This year we could see cobot and human interactions become even safer with virtual reality (VR). VR is being introduced as a training tool, allowing workers to gain real-world experience in a controlled environment. In addition to VR training, contact avoidance and collision detection are also becoming more advanced in cobot automation.

Growth of Cobots in SMEs

Another trend for 2024 also involves collaborative robots. This year more small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are expected to automate with collaborative robots. Since SMEs tend to have lower product volumes or a higher mix of products, they have not always been a good fit for traditional robotic automation. However, with the flexibility, quick changeovers, and user-friendliness of cobots, SMEs are ideal for collaborative automation.

Growth of Refurbished Robots

2024 is expected to be a big year for automating with refurbished or used industrial robots. As more companies look to automate or add to their current automation systems, many are opting for a more cost-effective approach. Used robots like the Yaskawa Motoman MH50-20, provide many of the same benefits as new robots but at a fraction of the price. On average used robots can cost around 50% less than a new robot. In addition to the cost savings, used robots have much shorter lead times than new robots. Used robots can be delivered within a few weeks while new robots can take several months. Refurbished robots are restored to like new condition and tested to ensure they are fully operational. With a refurbished or used robot customers are still purchasing a high-quality robot and the cost savings from buying used will allow for a faster ROI.

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