How Robotic Automation can Benefit Consumers

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Robotic automation is being adopted rapidly by manufacturers from all kinds of different industries. From airplanes to automobiles to smart phones, it is difficult to find products or goods in which industrial robots have not been involved with some part of the manufacturing process. Companies are implementing robots like the FANUC Arcmate 120ic and the Yaskawa Motoman MH180 along their production lines to optimize manufacturing. When listing the many benefits of robotic automation most only consider those related to the manufacturing process itself. However, the automation of manufacturing with industrial robots also extends benefits to consumers with the most notable being better product quality, faster delivery times, more affordable prices, and better customer service.

Better Product Quality

One of the main reasons a manufacturer may decide to automate with industrial robots is to improve product quality. Manual labor can produce inconsistent results and be error prone, both of which decrease product quality. Automating with the FANUC Lr Mate 200id solves both of these issues as human errors are eliminated and its high repeatability and accuracy ensure consistent, high-quality results. Products manufactured by robots will be of better quality than those that are not. Consumers benefit as they will receive high-quality goods that will be longer lasting, more durable, and in some cases, such as with vehicles, they will be safer.

Faster Delivery Times

Today’s world is fast-paced, and consumers expect products to be delivered quickly. Many retailers now offer one to two day shipping, adding to the consumer demands for immediate deliveries. Manufacturing with articulated robots can fill this consumer demand since cycle times can be significantly reduced. Industrial robots operate at fast speeds, can operate twenty-four hours a day, and never stop for breaks or hesitate between parts. Shorter cycle times means products can go from raw materials to finished goods in less time allowing for faster turnaround times. Four axis robots are often used for the shipping process itself, quickly and securely packaging products for shipping. Consumers will benefit as products will reach them faster than before.

More Affordable Prices

One of the biggest benefits of robotic automation is reduced production costs. Implementing a Motoman MA1440 will save money in the long run through the reduction of errors and rework, conservation of materials and consumables, and reduction in utilities. Labor costs are also reduced as robots do not have salaries or benefits. As manufacturers are able to save on costs and expand their bottom lines, they can sell their goods at more affordable prices, benefiting the consumer.

Better Customer Service

As robots take over manufacturing tasks, workers can be freed up from dull, repetitive, and laborious jobs to be placed in more customer-oriented positions. Having more staff available to service customers and address product issues will significantly improve the customer service experience for consumers. Automating manufacturing allows for more staff to be available for customer engagement. Consumer questions or issues can be addressed quickly, improving customer satisfaction.

The benefits of robotic automation run deeper than just those experienced by direct robot users. As the use of industrial robots expands so will the benefits to both manufacturers and consumers.

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