Common Misunderstandings About Pre-Owned Robots

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
The rapid growth of robotic automation has companies automating with both new and pre-owned industrial robots. Many companies are opting for automating with the FANUC M-710ic/50 and other used articulated robots due to the cost savings, familiarity, and availability. The pre-owned industrial robot market has become crucial for expanding and making robotic automation more accessible. However, despite the rise of pre-owned industrial robotic arms there are still many misconceptions surrounding them. Below is a look at some of the most common misunderstandings about pre-owned robots and why they are false.

  • • They will breakdown more frequently - Just because the ABB 1600 may be pre-owned does not mean that it will breakdown more frequently than a used factory robot. Routine preventative maintenance ensures robot manipulators remain in good operational condition. Performing regular maintenance ensures issues are addressed before breakdowns and repairs occur. Properly maintaining your manufacturing robot arm is key to preventing unexpected downtime whether it is new or used.

  • • They will have a shorter lifespan than new robots - Buying a pre-owned six axis robot does not mean it will not last as long as a new robot. Properly maintained robots can operate for decades. The Motoman EA1400N has not been manufactured for years but is still found running on production floors today. Preventative maintenance and reconditioning extend the lifespan of any robotic manipulator.

  • • High operation hours will be bad - It is true that used robots may have a high number of operation hours, but high hours are not necessarily bad. Industrial robots are built to operate well over 100,000 hours. High hour robots also show they are reliable with the ability to run for long periods of time. High hour industrial robot arms may also have gone through the reconditioning process which can extend their lifetime.

  • • There will be a shortage of spare parts - Just as there is a large market for pre-owned handling robots there is also a large market for used robot parts. Those with pre-owned robots will be able to find compatible spare parts for their robots and in some cases they may even be easier to source than new parts.

  • • They will provide fewer benefits than new robots - Pre-owned robots will provide the same key benefits as new robots. Automating with a used FANUC LR Mate 200ic will increase productivity, lower production costs, improve quality, create a safer work environment, and allow for more efficient operations.

  • • They will be more expensive in the long run - Some buyers think the cost savings of pre-owned robots will be negated by more frequent repairs and will end up costing them more in the long run. As mentioned above a used robot does not mean it will require more repairs than a new robot. If a repair is needed it will be less expensive since used parts may be used. Buying a pre-owned robot will not cost users more in the long term, but it can allow users to capture their ROI sooner with a lower upfront cost.

  • • The cost savings of a pre-owned robot is not significant - Purchasing a pre-owned robot can save buyers between 40% to 60% of the cost of a new robotic system. These savings are significant and allow companies both large and small to pursue robotic automation.

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