Benefits of Robotic Bin Picking

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
Robotic bin picking involves integrating an industrial robot with a vision system so that parts can be effectively unloaded from bins. The development of advanced robotic vision systems has allowed for the automation of bin picking with robots. The FANUC LR Mate 200ic can automate simple, structured bin picking applications as well as randomized picking when integrated with a 3D camera. Automating bin picking with industrial robots has a number of benefits. The main ones include:

  • • Minimal Supervision - Since a vision system is integrated with the ABB IRB 1600 for bin picking, minimal supervision is required. The vision system acts as the guide for the articulated robot which allows for minimal human involvement. The vision system provides the robotic manipulator with visual feedback about the surrounding environment and workpieces. The manufacturing robot arm is able to adapt to changes on the go as opposed to needing to be stopped and reprogrammed any time a change occurs. Due to the minimal supervision of bin picking robots, they can easily operate twenty-four hours a day or in a lights-out manufacturing setting.

  • • Flexible - Automating bin picking with factory robots allows for greater manufacturing flexibility. Most bin picking robots can automate a wide variety of applications. This allows them to automate several tasks within a production or be reprogrammed for different projects. The KUKA KR6 R900 can pick parts from bins and then transfer those parts to specific work stations. Having one industrial robotic arm automate multiple tasks streamlines productions reducing the number of personnel and equipment on a factory floor.

  • • Adaptable - Vision systems make bin picking robots highly adaptable. They can easily adjust to changes as they operate such as different parts, part orientations, or bin locations. Their ability to adapt while operating reduces downtime as there is no need to pull the robot manipulator from production in order to reprogram it.

  • • Improves Ergonomics - Automating bin picking with the Yaskawa Motoman MH6 will improve the ergonomics of your factory. Workers will no longer have to perform repetitive lifting, bending, or twisting that can lead to injuries. Some parts can be quite heavy or sharp which also can cause safety hazards to workers. Six axis robots are better equipped for repetitive motions. In addition, the vision system doubles as another safety device as it monitors the work area allowing assembly robots to coexist with workers.

  • • Greater Accuracy - Automating bin picking mitigates errors with the accuracy of industrial robots. Manual bin picking can cause damaged parts through improper handling or errors such as placing parts in the wrong location. The combination of programming and vision ensures these types of errors are prevented.

  • • Faster Bin Picking - Handling robots operate at fast and continuous speeds. They move from part to part without hesitation or breaks. Cycle times can be significantly reduced with automated bin picking.

  • • Reduced Costs - The reduction in labor, errors, and cycle times will lower the costs of your production with robotic bin picking. With the automation of bin picking and minimal supervision less labor costs will be incurred. Fewer errors means less rework and waste, reducing material costs. Faster cycle times allow for higher productivity reducing the cost per product.

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