Advantages of Robotic Technology

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
Technology has become a major part of our world. There are several different forms of technology but one such form that has bettered the world is robotic technology. Robotic technology involves using industrial robots to automate tasks that were once performed by humans. Industrial robots are used in a number of industries from the FANUC R-2000ib in the automotive industry to the Motoman MPL160 in the warehousing industry. The use of robotic technology has exploded in the past few years and for good reason as there are a number of advantages associated with it.

  • • Maximizes productivity - Articulated robots can take on greater workloads than humans. They are programmed to operate continuously without breaks or pauses, allowing companies to maximize productivity rates.

  • • Reduces labor costs - Automating manufacturing with the FANUC Arcmate 120ic or another six axis robot is less expensive in the long run than using manual labor. The main cost associated with robotic technology is the initial investment as there are no salary or benefits to continuously pay.

  • • Reduces production costs - Robotic technology saves on utility costs, material costs, and consumables which helps to reduce production costs overall. With lower costs profit potential begins to expand.

  • • More accurate than humans - Humans are error prone which negatively impacts the accuracy of a given task. Factory robots are incredibly accurate. They are programmed to stay within the parameters of an application while replicating each task precisely.

  • • Reduces cycle times - Implementing robotic technology will reduce cycle times. Industrial robotic arms operate at fast speeds with no stoppages. Raw materials turn into finished products in less time with robot manipulators.

  • • Safer Manufacturing - Robotic technology is ideal for dirty, dangerous, and repetitive jobs that can be unsafe for workers. With the ABB 4600 no task is too dangerous or strenuous. Automating hazardous jobs creates a safer work environment for employees.

  • • Reduces waste - The accuracy of robots reduces material waste. Industrial robot arms stay on target when performing a task ensuring only the amount of material necessary is used.

  • • Better for the environment - Many of today’s manufacturing robot arms are energy efficient and are cleaner to operate than other types of heavy machinery. They also conserve materials and reduce scraps. These factors make robotic technology better for the environment.

  • • Autonomous - Technology options such as force sensors, robotic vision, and offline programming have made robots more autonomous. Robots can now automate entire factories, unlike other forms of machinery that require workers to operate.

  • • Reduces errors - As mentioned earlier, humans are error prone, but robots are not as they are programmable, controlled machines. It is rare an error is made which improves product quality and eliminates any rework.

  • • Reliable - Robotic technology is always there for you. Unlike with employees, it is never late, out sick, or quits. Robotic technology makes productions more consistent all around.

  • • Allows for longer operating times - Robotic manipulators can operate twenty-four-hours a day. Longer operating times means more throughput for higher productivity.

  • • Flexible automation - Robotic technology is a form of flexible automation. Robots can automate multiple types of applications unlike fixed machinery which is typically limited to one. Reprogramming a robot allows for operations to adapt to product or process changes with minimum downtime.

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