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Motoman Robots in the Electronics Industry

Today’s world is driven by technology as electronics have become vital to our daily lives. This has led to a rapid expansion of robots in the electronics industry. In fact, the electronics industry now has an industrial robot installation base of nearly the same amount as the automotive industry, according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). The electronics industry could very well be on track to top the automotive industry as the primary user of robots in the near future.

Some of the most popular robots utilized by electronic manufacturers are those built by Yaskawa Motoman. They are one of the top robotic manufacturers in the world. While mostly known for their arc welding robots, their expansion into the electronics industry is allowing their other robot lines to shine. Motoman robots are automating electronic production lines helping manufacturers keep up with high product demands, improve quality, and stay ahead of technology trends.

The Role of Motoman Robots in Electronic Manufacturing

Motoman has designed an arsenal of industrial robots capable of performing numerous manufacturing applications. With such a diverse lineup of industrial robots, electronic manufacturers have found Motoman robots to be an ideal fit for their operations as they turn their production lines into robot manufacturing fleets. Some of the most common applications carried out by Motoman robots during electronic productions include:

  • Assembly - As electronics continue to advance, their parts are becoming smaller and more delicate. Their shrinking sizes have made human assembly of electronics impossible. Motoman’s assembly robots can make quick work of inserting intricate parts into computer keyboards or smart phones. Their Motoman MH5 and Motoman HP6 are popular choices amongst electronic manufacturers with their pinpoint accuracy and proper handling of workpieces. Their force sensing technology provides robots with feedback allowing for adjustments to the force and torque applied when inserting or tightening parts.

  • Material Handling - Material handling is another common application performed by Motoman robots. This may include tasks of transferring parts from one workstation to another or picking parts from a bin needed for assembly. Material handling tasks need to be performed efficiently and in a timely manner to keep cycle times from increasing. Motoman’s material handling robots MH6 and HP3 handle parts with precision, which is key with electronics as many parts are delicate. These robots can also be equipped with their MotoSight vision system to allow for quick part identification based upon shape, size, color, or other features.

  • Inspection - Before products are shipped out, they must undergo an inspection process, as shipping defective electronics can be devasting and costly to a business. Motoman robots can be integrated with their Machine Vision system for reliable quality control through detection of faulty products before being packaged for shipment. Defects too small for the human eye to see can be detected by a Motoman MH50, helping to improve quality and keep customers happy.

  • Packaging - Packaging is one of the last applications to take place during electronic manufacturing. Packaging robots ensure devices are packaged securely and with precision to prevent damage from occurring during shipping. Not only are parts used to assemble electronics delicate, but the devices as a whole are also fragile. Manufacturers entrust Motoman’s MH6-10 or their MH24 for reliable packaging ensuring their devices arrive to their destination fully intact.

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