Why Manufacturers are Investing in Cobot Automation

Why Manufacturers are Investing in Cobot Automation

Cobot automation is one of the latest trends in manufacturing. Instead of automating with traditional industrial robots, many manufacturers are implementing collaborative robots along their production lines. Cobot automation is designed to collaborate on production related tasks with humans instead of completely replacing workers. Below is a list of some of the top reasons manufacturers are investing in cobot automation.

Increase Productivity

Research has shown implementing cobots to assist workers can increase productivity rates by up to 85%. Cobots can take over repetitive tasks from workers or provide an extra set of “hands” for them. For instance, the Universal UR10 can be programmed to assemble boxes for shipping, relieving workers of the task so they are able to solely focus on loading products into the assembled boxes, speeding up the packaging process. Cobots operate at faster speeds than humans without delays, breaks, or loss of concentration. They can operate for long hours, further increasing productivity.


Collaborative robots are similar to cost effective industrial robots. The affordability of cobots allows most manufacturers to be able to automate, regardless of budget size. Since cobots cost similar the cost of industrial robots, manufacturers can earn their return on investment quickly, potentially as in less than a year from implementation. Purchasing a second-hand robot provides even more automation savings. Buying a used FANUC Cr7ia will provide the same benefits as buying new.


Cobots are extremely versatile and can be programmed to complete a variety of tasks. There are many different applications for collaborative robots including automated packaging and robotic assembly. Cobots can be designated to perform a specific task or setup to complete a series of tasks within the same production cycle. Cobots provide flexibility within manufacturing operations allowing for quick adjustments to product changes or redeployment for new processes.

Easy to Operate

Collaborative robots are designed to be user friendly with their simple setup and programming. Many cobots have a quick turnaround time with their out of the box setup. Many cobots can be installed by users themselves in less than an hour, eliminating the need for external technicians or engineers. In addition to their quick setup, cobots are easy to program.


Cobots are designed with a number of safety features to allow them to operate alongside humans without barriers. They feature a rounded design with the elimination of pinch points to prevent worker injuries due to cobot contact. The FANUC CR35ia has a soft rubber exterior for further collision protection. They also are built with force sensors to detect when abnormal force has been applied. These force sensors can slow the cobot’s operation speed or completely stop its operation. Manufacturers can be assured they are implementing a safe automation system with the stringent safety standards of cobots.

Improve Employee Job Satisfaction

Implementing cobots enhances employees job performance by directly assisting workers or by relieving workers of repetitive, tiring, and mundane tasks. Employees will see the benefits of cobot automation with being able to focus on more creative tasks, they will be more productive themselves, and overall will be more satisfied with their job.

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