Should you Automate with Robots?

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
Robotic automation has been changing the manufacturing world for decades. Each year more industrial robots are implemented to factory floors. Yet, despite the rapid adoption of robotics as of the end of 2021 over half of manufacturing facilities still have not implemented some form of robotic automation. If you are one of those manufacturers realize you are not alone. However, it may not be wise to avoid automating forever as the failure to automate will cause companies to fall behind their competitors who are using robots.

Signs it is Time for Robotic Automation

You may think you are getting by with your current production setup and wondering if you really need a robot. There are several factors that are indicators the time has come to buy a FANUC M-20ia or another industrial robot. Carefully reviewing your production process may make your aware that your company is facing some of these issues while others may already be aware without a review. If your company is dealing with any of these problems, it is time to consider automating with a robot.

  • • High Turnover - High turnover in regard to either employees or products can be an indicator that one should automate with robots. A revolving door of employees leaves inefficiencies with taking time to find replacements and then training new employees. Increased downtime can be a result of high employee turnover. Automating with the FANUC Lr Mate 200ic provides consistent and reliable labor along with increased uptimes. High turnover when it comes to products also causes more downtime due to changing processes and retraining employees every time there is a new product. The Lr Mate 200ic can quickly be reprogrammed and redeployed allowing for fast product changeovers.

  • • Labor Shortages - Over the past few years there have been increasing labor shortages across most industries. Companies are struggling to fill positions leaving their productions short-staffed. Labor gaps can slow cycle times, decrease productivity, and cause employee burnout. If your company is struggling to fill jobs it may be time to invest in a robot. With the Motoman MA1440 users get the skill level of an experienced welder without the high salary or the possibility it will leave. A single articulated robot can fill the roles of several workers.

  • • Inconsistent/Poor Quality - If your productions are suffering from quality control issues such as inconsistent or poor quality a robot is your best bet to resolve them. Humans are error prone which can cause defects, scrapped materials, and rework. Robots are accurate with high repeatability. The ABB 1600 can produce the same results over and over, increasing product consistency. While its programmed movements allow for accurate execution of applications resulting in high quality products.

  • • Rising Costs - Costs are rising everywhere from labor to materials to utilities. This can make it hard for manufacturers to operate within their budget and turn a profit. Robots combat rising costs through reducing waste, energy efficiency, and decreasing labor costs. Costs become stable and predictable. Companies are able to remain on budget while expanding profit potential.

  • • Other Factors - Other factors that may be indicators it is time to automate include low productivity and slow cycle times. Both of these are likely caused by a bottleneck within your operations. Robots eliminate bottlenecks with their efficiency, speeding up cycle times and increasing productivity.

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