Industrial Robots in 2022

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Industrial robots continue to revolutionize manufacturing. Since 2015 the installation of new robots has grown by 13% year after year. More companies are implementing industrial robots as they realize they can no longer afford not to. Each year robotic technology improves making articulated robots more intelligent and applicable to more industries and processes. Industrial robots in 2022 are expected to change work landscapes even further along with integrating more advanced technology. Below is a look at what we can expect to see from robots this year.

Robots Being Used in New Industries

In the past it was rare to hear of a robot being used outside of a traditional industrial factory such as an automotive factory. However, labor shortages and rising costs have caused robots to enter new sectors. Industries such as retail, construction, logistics, agriculture, and delivery are now automating with robots. Not only are these industries adopting the FANUC LR Mate 200id/7L along with other robots, but they are doing so at a rapid pace. Robots have become incredibly versatile making them applicable to a wider and newer range of industries.

More User Friendly

Today’s industrial robots are more user friendly than the one’s of the past. Installing and programming robots once was a complex process that for many required the involvement of an engineer, which only added to the cost. Complex lines of code were needed to program robots. Today many six axis robots come as out of the box solutions with pre-configured application programs, turnkey workcells, and more intuitive user interfaces. Collaborative robots are especially user friendly with hand guidance programming. The Universal UR5 can be setup, programmed, and operating within just a few hours. Easier to use robots have also expanded the adoption of robots as many novice users can now fully operate them. The user friendly nature of robotics has also decreased the cost of deployment, further expanding the application of robots in 2022.

New Career Paths

Industrial robots in 2022 are creating new career paths for workers as they take over repetitive, dangerous, and dull tasks. Workers are removed from harmful and unsatisfactory positions and can instead be used for more critical, skilled, and better paying jobs. The growth of companies using the Motoman MA1440 and other robots means more positions will be needed for those to operate, program, and design industrial robots. We are already seeing this trend in the workforce as fewer workers are seeking manual labor jobs, creating severe worker shortages in many industries. Filling labor gaps with robots will allow companies to move into the modern work era.

Reshoring Manufacturing

Industrial robots in 2022 are helping some companies reshore their manufacturing to bring it closer to their consumers. Supply chain disruptions, shipping delays, and the growth of online retail has made companies reconsider their offshore manufacturing. With robots being more affordable, easier to use, and more applicable reshoring manufacturing is becoming a reality.

Robots with AI Technology

AI technology for industrial robots is no longer in the testing phase. This year more robots will be available with artificial intelligence. AI technology will allow robots to learn tasks on their own, share task data, predict maintenance needs, and easily adapt to new environments.

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