FANUC M-16ib

FANUC Arc Mate 120iB vs FANUC M-16iB

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Despite having different names, the FANUC Arc Mate 120iB and the FANUC M-16iB have more similarities than differences. They are essentially the same industrial robot except they were designed for different purposes. Below is a comparison of the similarities and differences of these two popular FANUC industrial robots.


  • • Payload Capacity - Both the FANUC Arc Mate 120iB and the FANUC M-16iB feature a maximum payload capacity of 20 kg. This makes them ideal for automating light payload applications. Each industrial robotic arm also has a lighter payload variation available offering half the payload of the standard models at 10 kg. For the FANUC Arc Mate 120iB that variation is the Arc Mate 120iB/10L and for the M-16iB that variation is the M-16iB/10L.

  • • Reach - Another feature shared by these two FANUC robots is their maximum reach. Both the Arc Mate 120iB and the M-16iB have a reach of 1,667 mm. These articulated robots are capable of covering a wide amount of workspace. For those needing a longer reach each robot also features an extended reach version. The FANUC Arc Mate 120iB/10L is the extended reach version of the Arc Mate 120iB. While the M-16iB/10L is the extended reach version of the M-16iB. Both extended reach robots offer a maximum reach of 1,885 mm.

  • • Footprint - Both robotic manipulators also feature a similar compact footprint with a slim industrial robot arm and wrist. This allows them to be able to operate in confined work areas without risking interference or disruptions to their operation. The compact footprints of these factory robots provide easier installations along production floors. The slender design of these robot manipulators allows them to be installed even in high-density factories.

  • • Repeatability - Both the FANUC Arc Mate 120iB and M-16iB feature a repeatability of +/- 0.08 mm. These six axis robots are extremely accurate and precise.

  • • Speed - High operational speed is another similarity of these FANUC robots. They both feature a best in class stroke ratio. Automating with either the Arc Mate 120iB or the M-16iB will increase throughput for significantly higher productivity rates.

  • • Work Envelope - Despite these manufacturing robot arms having a compact footprint, they are able to fully maximize their work area providing a large work envelope. The large work envelope of both of these used FANUC robots allows them to easily automate applications involving large workpieces.

  • • Controllers - The FANUC Arc Mate 120iB and the FANUC M-16iB can both be paired with three different FANUC controllers. The FANUC RJ3iB, RJ3iC, and R-30iA are all compatible with both of these robots. The RJ3iB is the predecessor to the RJ3iC and R-30iA controllers. While the RJ3iC and R-30iA controllers feature the same functions.


  • • Applications - As you can see there are many more similarities than differences between the Arc Mate 120iB and the M-16iB. While these robots are virtually the same they have very different uses. The Arc Mate 120iB is primarily a welding robot. It can automate arc welding applications as well as plasma cutting. While the M-16iB is more of a general purpose robot with the ability to automate material handling and assembly processes.