ABB IRB 100 Robots vs FANUC LR Mate Robots

FANUC LR Mate 200ic ABB IRB 120
The growth of robotic automation has led to an increased demand for small industrial robots. Worker shortages, rising costs, and global competition have manufacturers looking to automate as much of their production as possible. Small industrial robotic arms are more affordable, faster, and fit into confined spaces all of which are driving their popularity. Two robotic manufacturers that have recognized the demand for small robots are ABB and FANUC. Both have developed lines of small industrial robot arms.

ABB IRB 100 Robots

ABB’s IRB 100 series is their line dedicated to small factory robots. This series is comprised of their IRB 120 and IRB 140 robot manipulators. The ABB IRB 120 is the smallest multipurpose robot from ABB, and it has become one of their most successful models. This six-axis robot features a light payload of 3 kg and a reach of 580 mm. The ABB IRB 140 features a slightly heavier payload capacity of 6 kg and a longer reach of 810 mm for those needing a little more for a small manufacturing robot arm.

The compact size of both of these articulated robots allows for a variety of mounting options. They can be floor, overhead, or wall mounted. They can also be mounted on top of other manufacturing machines. Not only does their compact frame save space, but their mounting options do as well, ensuring users never run out of floorspace.

ABB IRB 100 robots are multipurpose with the ability to automate several applications. These robots can be used for material handling, assembly, packaging, light palletizing, pick and place, and arc welding. The multipurpose capabilities of these robots allow them to be used for numerous projects. Being used as an assembly robot is quite common for this model

FANUC LR Mate Robots

The LR Mate series is FANUC’s line of small industrial robots. Several robot manipulators makeup this series. The FANUC Lr Mate 200id/4S is similar to ABB’s IRB 120. While the FANUC LR Mate 200ic is similar to ABB’s IRB 140. In addition to these robots, the LR Mate series features multiple generations of compact robots. The latest installment of the LR Mate robots are the LR Mate 200iDs. The FANUC LR Mate 200iD is the standard model with multiple variants including the LR Mate 200id/7L and LR Mate 200id/14L.

With several robots in the series there is more variety in payload and reach capacities. Payloads start at 3 kg like the ABB IRB 100 robots but go up to 14 kg. Reaches range from 550 mm to over 900 mm. Those looking for a compact robot but one that can handle more payload or work area should consider the FANUC LR Mate robots.

Like the ABB IRB 100 robots, the LR Mates can be tabletop, floor, wall, or overhead mounted. Their size also allows them to be installed directly into machinery. Multiple LR Mates can be installed in close proximity to one another without interference with their operation.

LR Mate robots are also multipurpose machines. Like the ABB IRB 100s these robots can automate material handling, assembly, packaging, pick and place and arc welding. In addition, they can also complete machine tending, material removal, and finishing applications.

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