Multiple Motoman MA1400 Robots with DX100 Controllers Coming into Stock

November 20, 2020

Motoman MA1400

Robots Done Right has acquired a large batch of Yaskawa Motoman MA1400 robots with DX100 controllers from a seller in Europe. These Motoman welding robots feature a payload of 3KG and a reach of 1434 MM, making them a great choice or robotic arc welding or automated plasma cutting. Included in the purchase were various Motoman Arcworld positioners perfect for complete robotic welding cells. Welding packages available for these articulated robots include the Miller Auto Axcess 450, Miller Auto Axcess 450-DI, Miller Auto Continuum 350, and Miller Auto Continuum 500. Additional robotic positioners including 180 degree tables and ferris wheel style positioners are available to be integrated to these robots. These used Motoman robot will be reconditioned and made available for sale.