What is a Refurbished Robot?

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
One of the biggest trends in manufacturing has been the automation of production related tasks with industrial robots. The use of industrial robots will only continue to grow with fully automated factories expected to be the future of manufacturing. However, not every company can afford or benefit from a new robotic system which is why the used robot market is playing a key role in the automation of factories around the world.

Many of the robots that are for sale on the second-hand market are refurbished units. A refurbished robot is a used robot that has been restored to like-new condition. Robots with missing or broken parts are completely rebuilt, thoroughly cleaned to remove grease, grim, or dirt, and then repainted. Once the refurbishment process has been completed, the robots are thoroughly tested to ensure they have been returned to a fully operational state. When properly refurbished, a used robot will operate just as effectively as a new robot and have a similar lifespan. A refurbished FANUC Arcmate 120ic provides the same accuracy and reliability as a brand new Arcmate 120id. Refurbished robots may also be referred to as reconditioned robots or re-manufactured robots. It is important to note not every used robot that is for sale has been refurbished. Inquiring about the condition and status of a used robot is one of the key questions to ask when buying a pre-owned robot.

Why Buy a Refurbished Robot?

One of the main reasons buyers opt for a refurbished robot is because of the cost savings. Manufacturers can no longer afford to avoid automation if they want to remain competitive in the global marketplace. However, brand new robots can be expensive, and an entire robotic system can easily cost six figures when buying new. Many manufacturers already operate on slim margins so automating with a new robotic system may not be feasible. Investing in a refurbished robot provides the same benefits as a new one but at a much more affordable price. A refurbished Motoman MA1440 can cost 40% to 60% less than a new robot. Refurbished robots allow manufacturers with any size budget to automate. In addition, since the initial cost is less, users will be able to capture their ROI quickly through increased productivity and production cost savings from automating.

Other reasons for investing in a refurbished robot include the like-new condition of the six axis robot and the ability to keep pre-existing robotic systems intact. A proper refurbishment process can return a used FANUC R-2000ib to a condition that is comparable to a new robot. Refurbishment extends the lifetime of robots which is why many older robot models are still operating on production floors around the world. This is one of the reasons why buyers should not shy away from high hour robots. For those needing to replace a robot in a pre-existing robotic system a refurbished robot can integrate easily with pre-existing equipment and save users from having to invest in an entirely new system. Buyers can likely find a refurbished robot of the same model or similar to the one they are looking to replace.

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