Used Robot Workcells

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia Motoman MA1400 FANUC M710ic 50 Motoman HP6 NX100 FANUC Arcmate 120ic
A robot workcell is a complete automation system consisting of the industrial robot, controller, safety equipment, and other peripheral equipment needed to perform a specific application. Robot workcells are the best way to completely optimize a manufacturing process. They create a safe workspace for both the robotic manipulator and workers since robots operate behind barriers. The enclosed workspace allows industrial robot arms to operate at their full speed as humans are kept away from the work area. Throughput and productivity are maximized while cycle times are kept to a minimum. Overall, efficiency will improve when automating with a robotic workcell.

While robotic workcells are ideal for optimizing manufacturing, they can be a rather large investment. However, buying a used robot workcell is a more affordable option as opposed to buying a brand new system. Used robot workcells can be purchased through used robotic equipment companies like Robots Done Right. There are many used robot workcells for sale that include articulated robots and equipment from the top manufacturers. Used weld cells may include the FANUC Arcmate 120ic or the M-710ic/20L along with the Lincoln Powerwave i400 for the power source. Buying used does not mean sacrificing on quality. There are many used workcells for sale that are from popular brands such as Yaskawa Motoman, Lincoln, Genesis, ABB, and KUKA. Used workcells may also include reconditioned robots. When a six axis robot has gone through the reconditioning process it has been restored to like new condition.

Used robot workcells may also reduce any learning curve and training as robot technicians and operators may already be familiar with the manufacturing robot arm and peripheral equipment. Used robotic workcells will likely be integrated with the ABB 2400 or other older factory robots that most robot technicians have experience with. The more familiar operators are with a industrial robotic arm, the less time will be needed for training and programming as they will already know how to operate the robotic system. This allows manufacturers to begin operating the workcell quickly, minimizing setup time. In addition, used workcells will arrive with all equipment already integrated similar to a new turnkey workcell. Robot technicians will also be familiar with the maintenance requirements of the handling robot and workcell, ensuring the system remains in good condition. Since technicians will likely already be familiar with the robot when issues arise, diagnostics should be easier.

Maintenance and repairs of a used robot workcell will also be less expensive as used parts can be used when replacements are needed. Should your weld cell need another power source, a used Miller Auto Axcess 450 may be used as the replacement. Buying a used power source will be less costly than a new one and will keep the overall repair cost on the lower end of the budget. The same goes for robotic parts or components. When parts become worn and need to be replaced, used ones make the cost more reasonable.

Used robot workcells are a more affordable alternative to new workcells. The goal of complete robotic optimization can be more easily obtained by manufacturers of any size with a used robotic workcell.

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