Used Collaborative Robots

Used Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are one of the biggest advancements in robotic automation and have quickly become one of the most popular types of robots. Collaborative robots provide a user-friendly and intuitive automation solution. These robots can be up and running within minutes with their quick hand guidance programming. Built-in sensors, rounded exteriors, elimination of pinch points, and speed limiting operation allow them to forgo traditional safety equipment required by other robot types, further simplifying their setup. The elimination of safety equipment and their compact size allow them to be easily moved around production floors to supplement labor where needed. Collaborative robots are ideal for automating small to medium operations or those producing a high mix of parts requiring quick changeovers.

One of the reasons for the growth of collaborative robots is their affordability. Collaborative robots can be more affordable than traditional industrial robots when all costs are taken into account. They become even more cost-effective when purchased used. Robots Done Right sells used collaborative robots in addition to an extensive inventory of more traditional used industrial robots. RDR sells used cobots from FANUC, KUKA, and Universal.

Robots Done Right sells used collaborative robots from FANUC’s CR series. While still limited in the secondhand market, used models available from this line include the CR-4iA, CR-7iA, CR-7iA/L, CR-15iA, and the CR-35iA. FANUC’s CR series currently includes the highest payload cobot, the FANUC CR-35iA, with a capacity of 35 kg. Other payloads in the series range between 4 kg to 15 kg.

From KUKA, RDR sells two used cobot models, the KUKA LBR iiwa 7 R800 and the KUKA LBR iiwa 14 R820. The LBR iiwa 7 R800 is available with KRC2 controls and features 7 kg of payload capacity. While the LBR iiwa 14 R820 is available with KRC4 controls and features a payload capacity of 14 kg.

Universal robots exclusively manufactures collaborative robots. Used collaborative robot models from Universal that are available through Robots Done Right include the UR3, UR5, UR10, and UR16e. These collaborative robots feature six axes with payloads starting at 3 kg and going up to 16 kg.

Why Buy a Used Collaborative Robot?

Buying a used collaborative robot is an extremely cost-effective way to automate. While cobots in general are more affordable than other types of industrial robots, used cobots cost even less. Buying the Universal UR10 used can save significant money and decrease the payback period allowing companies to realize a positive cash flow sooner.

A used collaborative robot will provide most of the same benefits as a new one. These include plug and play operation, intuitive programming, quick changeovers, and higher productivity. However, a used cobot will provide these benefits at a fraction of the cost. The lower purchase price provides the opportunity for a faster ROI, giving used collaborative robots an advantage over new ones.

Since collaborative robot technology is relatively new many used collaborative robots are being sold in excellent condition with lower hours. Most cobots have only been introduced in the last ten years or so, making it possible for buyers to purchase used cobots that are practically new.

Used collaborative robots are an ideal option for companies with limited budgets who are needing to automate.

Robots Done Right is the place to start when it comes to used robots. Contact us if you are interested in buying or selling your used robot.