Signs it is Time to Automate with Industrial Robots

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Robotic automation has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Many companies have realized they can no longer afford not to automate. Instead of seeing production lines of workers we are now seeing production lines with the FANUC LR Mate 200ic and other industrial robots. However, despite the incredible growth there still is a large portion of companies that have not started the automation process. If you are one of those companies then you may want to evaluate if your operations are showing any of the following signs of the need for robotic automation.

Labor Issues

Labor issues such as high turnover, labor shortages, poor employee morale, or frequent worker injuries are all signs it is time to automate with industrial robots. Dealing with frequent employee turnover can be exhausting for managers, hinder operations, and put additional strain on other employees forced to take on extra work. The same goes for labor shortages, which unfortunately, most industries are now experiencing. Articulated robots resolve these issues by providing productive and consistent labor. The Yaskawa Motoman MA1440 will never quit on you. Employee morale can also be improved as factory robots take over undesirable jobs allowing workers to take on more valuable roles. Frequent worker injuries can cause high worker compensation costs for companies while also disrupting operations. Having robot manipulators automate dangerous tasks creates a safer work environment, reduces injury claims for employers, and keeps operations running smoothly.

High Costs

Another sign it is time to automate with industrial robot arms is if your company is suffering due to high costs or is frequently over budget. High costs can make it difficult for companies to earn a profit. Unfortunately, increasing labor, material, and utility costs are causing profit margins to shrink. The best way to combat rising costs and even reduce them is with manufacturing robot arms. With robots there are fewer salaries to pay as less workers are needed. Robots reduce errors with their accuracy and precision which lowers material costs. Robotic manipulators can even reduce utilities with their energy efficiency. Robotic automation will save companies significant money allowing for the potential to grow profit margins.

Failing to Meet Consumer Demand

Another sign it is time to consider robotic automation is if your company cannot keep up with or meet consumer demands. Low or inconsistent productivity will prevent your company from being able to meet demand. When this happens consumers may turn to a competitor, causing your company to lose its customer base. Industrial robotic arms increase productivity. The ABB IRB 4600-60 is capable of operating at fast speeds around the clock allowing for greater throughput. Handling robots can take on greater workloads than humans which also increases throughput. By speeding up cycle times more products can be manufactured, increasing productivity. With robotic automation companies can meet and continue to keep up with consumer demand.

Frequent Recalls

If your company suffers from frequent product recalls, robotic automation should be considered. Assembly robots improve product quality with their accuracy and high repeatability. Application programs are followed exactly resulting in high quality that is consistent from item to item. Better product quality will reduce the likelihood of costly recalls.

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