Should you Buy a Pre-Owned or New Robot?

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Deciding to automate with industrial robots is a critical step many manufacturers are now taking to optimize their operations and ensure the longevity of their company. Implementing robotic automation is a big decision in and of itself that comes with a slew of other decisions afterward. One of those is if you should buy a pre-owned or new robot. Buying new is usually the more attractive option, but it may not be the best or wisest decision for everyone. There are several factors that should be considered when entering the debate of whether to buy a pre-owned robot or a new one.


For most companies the decision to buy a pre-owned robot or a new robot will mainly be determined by their budget. Pre-owned robots are much more cost-effective than new robots. New robotic systems can easily exceed six figures. Potential buyers should not be discouraged as pre-owned robots cost a fraction of the price of new robots. A used FANUC LR Mate 200ic can cost 50% less than a new robot. Pre-owned robots still provide the same core benefits of automation including lower production costs, higher productivity, and better product quality.

Replacement Robot

Another factor to consider when debating buying a pre-owned versus new robot is if this robot will be replacing another in a pre-existing robotic system. If you are looking for a replacement robot a pre-owned one may be best, especially if the system is older. Buying pre-owned can allow users to replace the Yaskawa MA1400 with another one or the similar MA1440. This ensures all equipment will be compatible with the articulated robot and avoids replacing an entire workcell. Operators and technicians will also already be familiar with the six axis robot, avoiding training to learn a new robot.

Lead Time

How long you can wait for your robot is another factor to consider. Lead times for new robots have been longer in the past and recently they have increased with supply chain disruptions causing manufacturing delays. Wait times for some new robots can take several months. For those not wanting to wait to start automating or those needing an immediate robot replacement, a pre-owned robot will be best. Pre-owned robots are readily available and can be shipped immediately.


Purchasing a pre-owned robot is more sustainable than buying a new one. Companies looking to implement environmentally friendly policies can start by purchasing a used robot. Buying pre-owned saves resources and prevents machinery from becoming waste, helping to free the environment of pollutants.


Quality is another factor to consider between buying pre-owned and new. New robots will be high quality with no previous operation hours, however, buying pre-owned does not mean compromising on quality. Many robots from the top brands can be purchased used and robots have long lifespans that can go several decades. When buying pre-owned it is important to do your due diligence and buy from a reputable company.


The features a robot has to offer is something else to consider. New robots will have the latest technology advancements such as offline programming, predictive maintenance, and energy efficiency. If having the most up to date technology is important then buying new may be best. However, it is possible to find newer robots in pre-owned condition, like the FANUC M-20ib/25.

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