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FANUC Spider Robots

FANUC’s spider robots feature three lines of delta style industrial robots. They earned their spider nickname due to their unique parallel link design that resembles that of a spider. This design features a parallelogram structure with three lightweight arms that extend downward from a domed robotic manipulator body. Each arm is jointed in the middle which allows them to bend inward. All threes arms are connected to a single tooling plate in which the EOAT is integrated to. This means all three arms work together to control the robot’s end-effector.

FANUC’s spider industrial robot arms are some of the fastest in the industry and are known for their high accelerations. FANUC spider robot manipulators are able to operate at incredibly fast speeds since the robot motor is located in the main body as opposed to the robot arms like other types of industrial robots. All of the weight of the spider factory robots is contained in the robot body which allows for low inertias and fast speeds. FANUC spider robots also feature a cylindrical work envelope.

FANUC M-1iA Robots

The FANUC M-1iA series is the first series of industrial robots in the spider family. The assembly robots in this series feature the lightest payloads of the spider robots with 0.5 kg and 1 kg. Reaches for these industrial robotic arms range between 280 mm and 420 mm. The FANUC M-1iA is the main robot of the series with several variations also available. These variations include 3 axis, 4 axis, long reach, and short reach models. The small size and light weight of the M-1iA robot allows them to be easily integrated along production lines. These manufacturing robot arms can be shelf, overhead, or wall mounted. They can also be installed directly into machines, even those that are compact.

FANUC M-2iA Robots

The FANUC M-2iA robots are the next series in the spider robot family. The FANUC M-2iA is the main robotic manipulator of the series with several variations available just like the M-1iA line. These variations include 3 and 4 axis models, short arm, and long arm options. There are also three models that are food-grade compliant. The FANUC M-2iA robots feature slightly higher payloads than the M-1iA robots with 3 kg and 6 kg capacities. Their reaches are also longer ranging from 800 mm to 1130 mm.

FANUC M-3iA Robots

The FANUC M-3iA series is the last in the spider robot family. This series features three delta robots with the M-3iA being the main robot of the series. It features 6 axes and a 6 kg payload capacity. The two variants of the series feature 4 axes and 3 axes. The 3-axis model also features the highest payload of all FANUC spider robots at 12 kg. All M-3iA robots have a reach of 1350 mm. The M-3iA robots all come standard with an IP67 rating making them ideal for environments with stringent cleanliness standards. Like the M-2iA robots, the M-3iA robots also are available in a food-grade option.


FANUC spider robots are capable of automating assembly, dispensing, pick and place, material handling, part transfer, and packaging applications. These robots are commonly used by food, electronic, medical, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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