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Benefits of a Yaskawa Motoman Weld Cell

Yaskawa Motoman is considered one of the leading manufacturers of robotic arc welding equipment. Their arc welding robots are some of the best in the industry with several series designed specifically for arc welding automation. The Yaskawa MA1440 and Motoman EA1900N are two of their most successful arc welding robots. Yaskawa Motoman does not just manufacturer arc welding robotic manipulators, they also manufacture several weld cells for complete welding optimization. Their ArcWorld series is their line of pre-engineered weld cells that provide a turnkey solution for arc welding applications. Automating with a complete Yaskawa Motoman weld cell provides several benefits which include:

  • • Pre-Configured - All Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorlds are pre-configured. This means all the equipment needed to automate an arc welding application is pre-selected and included in the workcell. The components of the weld cell are installed and integrated prior to shipping. This significantly reduces planning time by eliminating the need to individually select each piece of equipment for the weld cell, unlike with custom workcells. The exact equipment in each ArcWorld will vary by model but in general each workcell will contain one to three Yaskawa Motoman arc welding robots, a power source, weld torch, robotic positioner, op station, and safety equipment. The Motoman MA1900 is commonly used in Yaskawa Motoman’s ArcWorld weld cells. Even though Yaskawa Motoman weld cells are pre-configured, users may be able to select the articulated robot for the cell and upgrade some of the equipment.

  • • Quick Delivery Times - Since Yaskawa Motoman weld cells are pre-configured they are usually available for quick shipping. There is no time needed to design, select, and build the components of the weld cell. Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorlds are already manufactured and ready to be delivered to customers. The quick delivery times of Yaskawa Motoman’s pre-engineered weld cells allow users to automate their arc welding processes much faster than if they opted for a customized weld cell. Used Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorld cells can have even faster shipping times than buying directly form the manufacturer.

  • • Fast Installation - In addition to quick shipping, Yaskawa Motoman weld cells also allow for fast installations. All components of the weld cell are installed prior to delivery. Some ArcWorlds arrive pre-assembled with no on-site building required. ArcWorld weld cells can be installed and up and running within as little as time as one day. Customized weld cells can take a week to several weeks to install and setup. This is because they are typically built on-site and require engineering. Issues are also more likely to arise with a customized weld cell as it has not been previously tested unlike with a Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorld. Customized cells also need to be programmed from scratch while ArcWorlds feature standardized programming which helps speed up the installation process.

  • • More Affordable - Yaskawa Motoman weld cells are also more affordable than customized workcells. On average pre-configured workcells cost 25% less than customized cells and even less for used pre-configured workcells. Limited customizing and engineering results in big savings for customers. The lower cost of pre-engineered Yaskawa Motoman weld cells allows for a faster return on investment.

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