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Benefits of purchasing a FANUC Arcmate 120ib RJ3IB welding package

The FANUC ArcMate 120ib is a commonly used robotic welder that is capable of arc welding, plasma welding and plasma cutting, and robotic water jetting. The Arcmate 120ib can use either the FANUC RJ3IB controller or FANUC R30ia controller (also referred to as the FANUC RJ3IC controller). Many used Arcmate 120ib robots are integrated with a Lincoln Powerwave 455 welding allowing it to perform MIG welding and TIG welding. Since many large production factories utilize the FANUC Arc Mate 120ib for their welding applications, they are generally an easy used FANUC robot to locate. The following are some of the benefits in purchasing a FANUC 120ib to automate a welding process:

  • Availability - Used FANUC robots that are commonly used in production typically become available prior to the end of their useful life. Many larger companies find it more cost effective to replace the used robots with new robots rather than to repurpose them into a new line. When a robotic welding line of FANUC 120ib robots are taken down, the result is a lot of used robots for sale. Many used FANUC Arcmate 120ib industrial robots still have many years of useful life left on them without anything beyond standard robotic maintenance needed.

  • Availability of parts - If an Arcmate 120ib does happen to break down or need repair, the above referenced availability also applies to parts. As the FANUC 120ib has the same build and parts as the FANUC M-16ib RJ3IB, even those parts could be used in the event of a malfunction.

  • Cost - Commonality of a robot has a direct result in the final cost to the end user. Robots purchased in large quantities are generally obtained at a lower per unit price, further reducing the cost. With the FANUC 120ib being mass produced are continually taken out of production lines, the cost on them is typically pretty low. Even refurbished Arcmate 120ib robots can be offered at 50% of the cost of a new robot, such as an Arcmate 120ic

  • Versatility - The FANUC 120ib robot offers a larger reach and payload than the Arcmate 100ib. The additional reach and payload allows the Arcmate 120ib to be more versatile in the event the robot is repurposed. For a full comparison of the 2 used FANUC ArcMate robots, click here: RJ3IB Arcmate Comparison.

  • Ready to Use - The FANUC 120ib robotic welding package is ready to get to work. Purchasing a robot without an integrated welder might not result in the desired product, as integration typically takes a considerable amount of time. Welding packages include a torch, robotic welding supply, robotic wire feeders, and all accessories needed to get started.

  • Efficiency - While newer robot models are of course subject to better technology and manufacturing, there is not much of a difference between the motion speed, motion range and reach. While the FANUC 120ic is more efficient, the additional cost associated with the newer model might not justify the upgrade. Many robotic welding processes can operate just fine with the Arcmate 120ib.

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