Lincoln Powerwave R450

Lincoln Powerwave R450

Lincoln Powerwave R450 Overview

The Lincoln Power Wave R450 is a power supply designed for high performance robotic welding. The PowerWave-R450 can be used for MIG, TIG, and flux cored arc welding applications. It features advanced process capabilities of pulse modes for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and nickel welding.

The Lincoln Power Wave R-450 is compatible with FANUC welding robots. It is commonly integrated with the FANUC Arcmate 120ic and the FANUC Arcmate 100ic. The PowerWave R/450 communicates well with FANUC controllers including the including the R-30ib and the R-30ia.

The ArcLink interface feature of the Power WaveR450 produces incredibly fast cycle times. It is considered an industry leader for welding travels speeds. In addition, the PowerWave R.450 keeps spatter to a minimum, has excellent gap bridging, and allows for welds of 0.6 mm thicknesses or greater.

Integrating the Lincoln PowerWave-R-450 with your welding robot can increase productivity through its system data features. CheckPoint allows for tracking of key welding data points while WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities expand networking and data access. Other features of the Power Wave-R/450 include favorites mode list which simplifies setup with the ability to customize the power supply to your work environment. There is also an energy saving mode that can help reduce costs.
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