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A teach pendant is one of the main components of any industrial robot. Teach pendants are the handheld devices that are part of the control system of the ABB 2400 and other ABB robots. ABB teach pendants are used as the primary programming method for their robots. The ABB 1600 can be programmed for welding automation using its compatible teach pendant. The same goes for the ABB 6640 and robotic material handling applications.

There are two types of ABB teach pendants, the older legacy pendant and the newer FlexPendant. The legacy pendant is mainly compatible with ABB’s older controller models. These include their S4, S4C, and S4C+ robotic controllers. It features a display screen, joystick, keypad, and emergency stop button. Legacy pendants connect to the controller through a cable and do not allow for a wireless operation. ABB no longer manufacturers the legacy pendant, but some are still available on the second-hand robotic parts market.

ABB’s FlexPendant is a modern update to their legacy teach pendant. It features a color touchscreen design which replaces the antiquated keypad. Other features of the FlexPendant include an emergency stop button, 3D joystick, USB port, connector, stylus pen, and reset button. This teach pendant is used with ABB’s IRC5 controller.

The FlexPendant is capable of performing many of the tasks associated with operating an ABB robot system. These include creating application programs, running programs, jogging the manipulator, adjusting application programs, storing program data, recalling application history, calibration, and storing system information. The FlexPendant is essentially a mini computer consisting of both hardware and software.

The ABB FlexPendant connects to the IRC5 controller by an integrated cable and connector. However, it can also go wireless with a hot plug button option. Using this option allows the FlexPendant to be disconnected from the controller cable and continue running without it. This provides users with greater flexibility as they can move freely with the teach pendant without being limited by the cable.

The ABB FlexPendant is available in either an IP54 or IP65 protected case. The IP54 case provides protection against most dust intrusion and water/liquid splashing. For those operating an ABB robot in harsh work environments, the IP65 case completely seals the teach pendant from all dust and water intrusion. It can also withstand oil and welding splashes. The higher IP protection of the FlexPendant allows for reliable operation even in hazardous conditions.

Robots Done Right sells used ABB teach pendants that are compatible with ABB IRC5 robots. Used teach pendants make excellent replacements for broken or damaged pendants. They also are ideal for those who purchased a used robot that was sold without a pendant. Used ABB teach pendants are more affordable than buying a brand new one. Their low cost also makes them ideal to purchase as spares. It is often recommended that robot users keep an extra pendant on hand as part of their spare parts inventory. This way should a pendant become faulty, it can immediately be replaced keeping downtime to a minimum.

Robots Done Right sells pendants that are compatible with the ABB 4600-20 and ABB 1200, among many other ABB robots.

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