Used ABB Robots

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When it comes to automating production related processes, ABB robots are often one of the top choices. ABB has a long history of producing reliable and innovative industrial robots. Their first robot was released in 1974 and today they are amongst the top four robotic brands.

Over the past few years, the demand for industrial robots has rapidly increased. Manufacturers are finding it necessary to automate their production lines. It’s not just new robots that are being installed along factory floors but used ones too. Used ABB robots have emerged as a comparable alternative to new robots. ABB robots are incredibly well-built and can operate for several decades. In fact, a used ABB 140 provides many of the same benefits as a new robot including increased productivity, better quality, lower costs, more efficient operations, and faster cycle times. The difference is a used ABB robot is much more affordable than a brand-new robot. A used ABB robot can save buyers between 40% to 60% of the cost of a new robot. This allows buyers to realize their ROI faster and the ability to expand their profit potential sooner. Used ABB robots also make automating feasible for smaller manufacturers or for those without much extra capital with their affordability.

The increased demand for robotic automation has led to longer lead times for new robots. Some can take several weeks to months which can significantly delay a company’s plans to automate. For companies that cannot afford to wait, used ABB robots are an excellent option. Used ABB robots have short lead times as these articulated robots are usually already removed from production and ready to ship. For those needing to replace a robot that is down a used ABB robot will get your productions back up and running quickly. A used ABB robot can integrate easily into a pre-existing robotic system. New robots may not be compatible with older robotic equipment, making it more difficult to integrate and adding additional costs.

Many of ABB’s IRB robots can be found on the second-hand market. The most common used IRB models are those compatible with either the S4C+ or the IRC5 controllers. These include ABB robots manufactured in the early 2000s and later. Popular used ABB robots include the ABB 4400 and ABB 6640. Many used ABB robots are multipurpose meaning they can be used to automate a variety of applications which allows buyers to get the most value for their money. There are used ABB robots that can automate welding, material handling, assembly, painting, palletizing, and material removal applications.

Robots Done Right sells a variety of used ABB robots. RDR sells used ABB six axis robots from their IRB 100, IRB 1000, IRB 2000, IRB 4000, IRB 6000, and IRB 7000 series. We carry ABB robot models that are compatible with either the S4C+ or IRC5 controller. The ABB 4400-60 is a used S4C+ compatible robot that is typically available at RDR. While the ABB 1410 is an IRC5 robot available through Robots Done Right. We also buy used ABB robots as well as offer trade-ins.

Robots Done Right is the place to start when it comes to used robots. Contact us if you are interested in buying or selling your used robot.