Robot Operation Hours

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When shopping for a used car, buyers are typically more concerned about the mileage on a vehicle rather than its age. Car mileage depicts the condition of the mechanical components of a vehicle. The same goes for operation hours of an industrial robot. Buyers looking for a used industrial robot should consider the operation hours on the robot rather than the robot’s age.

While there are different types of robot hours, operation hours are the most commonly referenced for used robots. They are the total number of hours a robot has been powered on including both active and idle times. Operation hours can be a good indicator of the condition of an industrial robot along with any wear and tear. For instance, a used FANUC Arcmate 120ic may have a total of 10,000 operation hours. 10,000 hours may seem like a lot, but it is relatively low considering articulated robots can operate for over 100,000 hours.

The operation hours of an industrial robot are typically logged in the robot’s control system. Robot controllers feature an hour meter that tracks the robot’s operation history. When buying a used robot, it is important to ask if the controller being sold with the robot is the original. It is common for robotic controllers to be replaced throughout a robot’s lifespan. If a controller is not the original, then the robot operation hours may not be accurate. If this is the case be sure to inquire about the robot’s maintenance history as well as condition of the robot’s mechanical components.

When buying a used car, buyers typically want a vehicle with as low of mileage as possible. This is where car mileage and robot hours are different. Mileage tracks every time a car is active while robot operation hours track both active and idle times. Just because a robot has high operation hours does not mean it is a bad investment and will not last. A Yaskawa MA1440 may have high operation hours, but some of those hours include times when it was powered on but not actually running. A well maintained used FANUC R-2000ib can operate for several years to decades. If a used robot has been properly maintained, high operation hours are not a hindrance. A used robot with high operation hours may be a more cost-effective investment since high hour robots are typically less expensive. Used industrial robots with low operation hours may cost more since these are likely to be newer. Just because a robot has higher hours does not mean it will not last as long as a low hour used robot.

Operation hours can also demonstrate the reliability of an industrial robot. Industrial robots are designed to operate for long periods of time. They can operate throughout the day and night for twenty-four-hour productivity. A robot that can operate for long hours will significantly increase productivity rates.

Robot operation hours are important to consider when buying a used robot. They are one of many items that a potential used robot buyer should inquire about.

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