FANUC Lr Mate 200ib ABB IRB 140

FANUC LR Mate 200iB vs ABB IRB 140

No two industrial robots are exactly alike, however, they may be vary similar. Robot manipulators that are similar to one another can make the robot selection process seem confusing and often just a slight difference or two can be the deciding factor for whether or not a industrial robot arm will be a good fit for your application.

Years ago there were very few small industrial robots on the market. There was a huge void in robotic automation for small robots, but this is not the case any more. Today there are several small robot models on the market from various top robot manufacturers. Two of the top robotic brands, FANUC and ABB have developed some of the most popular small robots. FANUC’s LR Mate 200iB and ABB’s IRB 140 are both compact multipurpose robots. These factory robots are relatively similar to one another, but do have some differences. Below is a comparison of these articulated robots.


Both six axis robots feature a maximum payload of 6 kg which is fairly standard of small industrial robots. Their light payload makes them ideal for applications involving light and small parts. It also means these handling robots will be more limited in their operation than standard sized robotic manipulators that have higher payloads. Those needing to automate light handling processes would be able to automate with either robot.


The LR Mate 200iB and IRB 140 start to set themselves apart when it comes to their reach. The LR Mate 200iB features a maximum reach of 700 mm. Even though it has a shorter reach it takes full advantage of its work envelope with the ability to flip over backwards. This not only expands its work area, but also provides greater operational flexibility.

The ABB IRB 140 features a longer reach than the LR Mate 200iB at 810 mm. The extra length of the IRB 140 may be beneficial to those needing a compact robot, but one with more reach than the LR Mate 200iB. It also features a full 360 degrees of rotation in its work envelope.

Special Features

The LR Mate 200iB and the IRB 140 also set themselves apart from one another with some of the features they offer. The LR Mate 200iB features fast axis speeds for faster accelerations and operation times. Maintenance is simplified with sealed bearings, brushless servo motors, and internal cabling. The LR Mate 200iB also features additional variations including the LR Mate 200ib/3L. Other variations allow for more specific use such as for cleanrooms or food manufacturing.

Special features of the ABB IRB 140 include a completely IP67 protected robotic arm. Despite the small size of the IRB 140, it is incredibly durable with the ability to withstand dust and water intrusion. This allows the IRB 140 to be used in a variety of work environments without having to select a specific robot variant.


Both the LR Mate 200iB and IRB 140 can be used to automate assembly, material removal, and material handling applications. In addition to those, the LR Mate 200iB can automate machine loading and dispensing processes. While the IRB 140 can be used for robotic arc welding, sealing, foundry, and bonding applications.

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