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Benefits of Refurbished Robots - Robots Done Right

Refurbished robots are used industrial robots that are fully repaired and cleaned before becoming available for resale. Refurbished robots have been gaining in popularity in recent years as more manufacturers seek to capitalize on the benefits of automating with industrial robots. Whether you are large or small manufacturer, there are significant benefits of refurbished robots.

Cost Savings

One of the main benefits and biggest reasons buyers seek refurbished robots is because of their cost savings. Used robots cost on average 50% less of the cost of a brand-new robot. Refurbished robots allow small manufacturers to automate while staying within their budget. Large manufacturers can still appreciate the savings too, allowing them to retain more capital for other aspects of their business. Purchasing a refurbished FANUC Arcmate 100ic with Lincoln Powerwave i400 allows manufacturers to automate at a fraction of the price of its new equivalent.

Quicker ROI

Since refurbished robots are less expensive upfront than new ones, companies will be able to earn their ROI quickly. Industrial robots are an investment that will pay for itself overtime with increased productivity, high product quality, reduced operational costs, and faster cycle times. The less money spent to purchase an industrial robot, the faster it will be to recapture its initial cost. This means companies can grow their profit margins much sooner with a quicker ROI potential.

Faster Turnaround

Refurbished robots are often readily available for resale on the used robot market. Articulated robots can be arranged to be quickly delivered to the buyer for a short turnaround time. New robots or robotic systems can have long wait and delivery times, increasing the amount of time a buyer is without a robot. For those replacing an existing robot or adding to their current robotic system, buying a refurbished robot allows you to get the same model or one that is similar. This allows for easier integration with your current setup and robotic equipment.


Purchasing a refurbished robot that is the same or similar to your pre-existing one provides your operators with the benefit of already being familiar with it. Replacing your FANUC Arcmate 100ic with another 100ic or the similar FANUC M10ia will prevent operators from having to take time to learn and train with a new system. They will already be familiar with programming and operating and will be able to get your newly purchased refurbished robot up and running right away. In addition, your technicians will already be aware of preventative maintenance requirements.


Purchasing a refurbished robot does not mean you are sacrificing quality or will be getting a robot that is not as reliable as a new one. Refurbished six axis robots undergo an extensive inspection and testing process to ensure they are fully operational. Factory robots have incredibly long lifespans of several years to several decades when properly maintained. The ABB 6640 has not been in production for years but is still commonly used by manufacturers. Refurbished robots provide the same benefits of new robots and are just as reliable if not more. Refurbished robots are tried and true automation solutions.

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