Advantages of SCARA Robots

FANUC SR-6ia Scara Robot
SCARA robots are one of the main industrial robot types used by various manufacturers. These compact robots are ideal for automating assembly and material handling applications requiring speed and precision. SCARA robots have been automating assembly applications since the late 1970s and have since expanded their scope into other production related tasks. Today’s SCARA robots are more versatile and provide a number of advantages. These advantages include:

  • • Speed - SCARA robots are some of the fastest industrial robots. The only industrial robot arm group that is faster are delta robots. This makes SCARA’s ideal for automating high-speed processes or for those looking to drastically reduce cycle times. SCARA robots are typically configured with four axes which provides them with greater agility than six-axis robots. With fewer aces to control, the FANUC Sr-3ia is able to operate at incredibly fast speeds.

  • • Axis Configuration - The axis configuration of SCARA robotic manipulators features a combination of rigid and flexible joints. The X and Y axes of SCARA factory robotsare dynamic while the Z axis is fixed. This combination provides the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity for assembly applications. The FANUC SR-12ia can easily complete tasks such as inserting pegs. The need for complex programming for such tasks is avoided.

  • • Cost - SCARA robots are some of the most affordable and offer the best price to performance ratio. Their smaller size means less materials are needed to build them in addition to fewer mechanical axes than articulated robots. Both of these factors reduce their overall cost, making them an excellent option for those with limited budgets.

  • • Compact Size - SCARA industrial robotic arms are on the smaller side of the size spectrum when it comes to industrial robots. They feature a compact footprint with a short reach making them ideal for small or confined work areas. Users can install SCARA robots without sacrificing much floorspace. FANUC’s SR series features the SR-6ia along with other SCARA robot manipulators that have the option for wall mounting for even better space savings. Their compact footprint reduces the likelihood of peripheral interference. Their small size also makes them easier to relocate should production needs change.

  • • Precision - SCARA manufacturing robot arms are incredibly precise which is one of the reasons they are ideal for assembly applications. The rigidity of the Z axis is one of the main contributors to their incredible precision. The fixed Z axis prevents SCARA robot bodies from pivoting upwards or downwards. Another reason for their high precision is their limited number of axes. Having only four axes limits their range of motion which helps to reduce the amount of error. This is evident in their high repeatability with tolerances under 10 microns. In comparison, six-axis robots usually have a repeatability of 20 microns.

  • • Cleanroom Capabilities - While other types of robots can be used in cleanroom settings, SCARA robots are able maintain their high speeds while meeting cleanroom specifications. Outfitting a SCARA robot for cleanroom environments does not hinder its speed. SCARA cleanroom robots typically feature a special exterior coating, corrosion resistant bolts, and a covered Z axis.

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