Fanuc M-410ib Robots

FANUC offers one of the most extensive lines of industrial robots. They have multiple series of general purpose robots along with application specific robot lines. The M-410iB series is one of FANUC’s application specific robotic manipulator lines. This series features several industrial robotic arms designed specifically for palletizing automation. It features both four and five axis robots with payloads ranging from medium to heavy. Their axis and payload configurations make the M-410iB series robots ideal for palletizing applications. Lower axis configurations provide the factory robots with extra stability for handling heavier payloads that are common in palletizing. Most palletizing applications require simple up and down movements, making a higher DOF configurations unnecessary.

Robots in the Series

The M-410iB series features five palletizing robots:

  • • FANUC M-410iB/140H - The FANUC M-410iB/140H is the only five axis robot in the series and is easily identified by the “H” at the end of its name. It features a payload of 140 kg and a reach of 2,850 mm.

  • • FANUC M-410iB/160 - The FANUC M-410iB/160 is the next in line in terms of payload with 160 kg. It features four axes and a reach of 3,143 mm.

  • • FANUC M-410iB/300 - The FANUC M-410iB/300 is the first of three heavy payload robots in the series. It features four axes, a payload of 300 kg, and a reach of 3,143 mm.

  • • FANUC M-410iB/450 - The FANUC M-410iB/450 features a maximum payload capacity of 450 kg, a reach of 3,130 mm, and four axes.

  • • FANUC M-410iB/700 - The FANUC M-410iB/700 is the heaviest lifter of the series with a maximum payload of 700 kg. It features four axes and a reach of 3,143 kg.


The FANUC M-410iB series articulated robots are the perfect solution for both bag and case palletizing. They can average 20 cycles per minute for case palletizing at 100 kg. While for bag palletizing these industrial robotic arms average 27 cycles per minute at 100 kg. These four axis robots are also capable of automating depalletizing, layer handling, press tending, machine loading and unloading, and part transfer applications.

Additional Features

Despite the heavy payloads and extended reaches of the FANUC M-410iB handling robots, they are designed to take up minimal space due to their small footprint. The small footprint is achieved by mounting the robot manipulatorson a pedestal and integrating the controller with the pedestal as well. Users can automate heavy palletizing applications without having to sacrifice large amounts of floorspace. The smaller footprint also makes installation easier as less space is required.

They also feature a hollow wrist design which allows their cabling to be routed internally. This improves their reliability as cable interference is prevented. Maintenance is also simplified with internal routing as it reduces the wear and tear of the robot cables.

FANUC M-410iB robots are compatible with the RJ3iB, RJ3iC, R-30iA, and R-30iB controllers. These robots can be installed with collision guard software to prevent collisions with peripherals or other manufacturing robot arms operating in close proximity. Collision guard provides extra control and protection for the robot. These robots can also be integrated with FANUC’s vision system, iRVision.

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