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Advantages of Yaskawa Motoman Robots

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the most recognized names in the industrial robot industry. They are known for producing top of the line robots, robotic workcells, robotic software, and robot peripherals. Yaskawa Motoman robots can automate just about any production related task from robotic assembly to automated material handling to welding automation. Automating with a Yaskawa robot brings a number of advantages and will expand your manufacturing capabilities.

Used Motoman robots can operate at extremely fast speeds without sacrificing accuracy. Faster operating speeds allow for more parts to be processed in less time, helping to boost productivity rates. Not only are Yaskawa robots fast while operating, but they are also fast in between parts. They move from part to part quickly with no hesitation or distractions that can cause production delays. In addition, Yaskawa Motoman robots can operate for longer hours than human workers. With more parts being completed in less time and the ability to run the robots twenty-four hours a day, productivity issues will become obsolete. Automating an entire assembly line with the Motoman HP20 can double or even triple productivity rates.

Increasing productivity is one of the keys to having an efficient operation in manufacturing, which is another advantage of automating with Yaskawa robots. Yaskawa robots reduce cycle times through their accuracy and high operating speeds. Manufacturing errors are significantly reduced with these industrial robots as they perform applications according to the programmed parameters. Material waste is avoided since Yaskawa Motoman articulated robots operate with pinpoint precision and a high level of repeatability. Eliminating waste saves both time and money for manufacturers, improving the overall efficiency of a production process. Efficiency can be further improved since Yaskawa robots can complete multiple robotic applications, streamlining the number of components involved for manufacturing.

The multi-application capabilities of Motoman robots provides manufacturers with the advantage of flexible automation. A Motoman HP50-20 can be programmed for robotic pick and place but could be redeployed for material handling or welding should future production changes occur. Yaskawa robots are a smart investment because they can always be reprogrammed to adapt to changes with very little downtime. Hard automation machines lack the flexibility to be reprogrammed as they can only be used for one specific task. While workers can always be retrained to learn new applications, training takes time and usually involves a learning curve. Yaskawa Motoman robots are experts at their given task right away. Integrating Yaskawa robots with robotic vision systems provides the capability to adapt to changes dynamically while operating for even greater automation flexibility. Manyused Motoman robots for sale still have tooling and integration components from a previous application.

Another advantage of Yaskawa Motoman robots is their dependability. Having reliable manufacturing is crucial for companies when competition is high, and margins are often thin. Unexpected delays, errors, or damaged parts can be detrimental to manufacturers. Yaskawa Motoman robots are built to last. Many of their older models are still operating on production floors today, including the Motoman HP6. Yaskawa’s new six axis robot models are designed with internalized wiring and cables to prevent wear and unexpected breakdowns. This also makes routine maintenance easier and less frequent. Troubleshooting software and calibration tools also help keep Yaskawa robots in top condition. Users will be able to depend on Yaskawa Motoman robots for reliable operation to produce high-quality products and to keep manufacturing processes running smoothly.

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