SCARA Robots Automating Electronic Device Manufacturing

FANUC SR-6ia Scara Robot
The electronics industry is quickly become one of the largest users of industrial robots. High product demand along with the intricate and complex components of electronic devices are driving the automation of the industry with robots. We often hear of articulated robots and delta robots in the industry, but there is another type of industrial robot that has the attention of electronic manufacturers and that is the SCARA robot.

Out of all industries in the SCARA industrial robot market the electronic industry is expected to have the largest revenue share. More electronic manufacturers are automating with the FANUC SR-3ia and other SCARA robots than any other sector. SCARA robots are being used to automate assembly, pick and place, engraving, labeling, and material handling applications in the industry. There are several reasons why SCARA robots and electronic device manufacturing are an ideal pair.

The first reason electronic device manufacturers are automating with SCARA robots is because of their incredible speed. SCARA robots are some of the fastest with just delta robots being faster. However, what gives SCARA robots an edge over delta robots is their heightened precision. They are fast while also being extremely accurate. Their speed is ideal for the high volumes of electronic device manufacturing. Automating smartphone assemblies with the FANUC SR-6ia allows manufacturers to keep up with consumer demand.

Another reason for their growth in the electronic industry is their compact size. Their smaller footprint allows them to easily handle the many small components that go into the manufacturing of electronics. Their compact footprint also makes them easier to integrate along production lines. Little space is needed to install a SCARA robot. They may also be tabletop mounted helping to save floorspace.

Their selective compliance provides a delicate balance of rigid and flexible joints. The rigid movement of the vertical Z axis combined with the flexible X and Y axes is ideal for automating assembly tasks for manufacturing electronic devices. Tasks involving inserting pegs or joining parts together can be automated by SCARA robots without complex programming.

The rigid Z axis of SCARA robots is what provides them with great precision despite their fast operating speeds. SCARA robots have the highest repeatability of any industrial robot with tolerances under 10 microns. The combination of low inertia with high precision allows them to operate at fast speeds without sacrificing accuracy. Their precision also allows them to safely handle the small and fragile parts that are common for electronic assemblies. They can safely handle these parts without causing damage or dropping them.

The last reason for the popularity of SCARA robots in the electronics industry is that many are available in a cleanroom option. Some electronic components are extremely sensitive to dust, moisture, grease, or other particles and if exposed to such substances they can become compromised or damaged. Manufacturing such components with a cleanroom robot prevents any corrosion or damage form occurring. Cleanroom SCARA robots ensure a sterile work environment for the safe manufacturing of electric devices.

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