KUKA Robot Controllers

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The controller is one of the key components of any KUKA robotic system. KUKA controllers are responsible for facilitating the operation of their industrial robots. The controller acts as the “brain” of a KUKA robot by interpreting the program code in order for the robot to perform an application. KUKA has manufactured many different versions of controllers for their robots. Below is a look at the past and present controllers from KUKA.

  • • KRC1 - KUKA’s KRC1 control system is compatible with older KUKA robots as it was the first controller model in the KRC series. It features a compact cabinet with stacking capabilities along with Ethernet and DeviceNet.

  • • KRC2 - KUKA’s KRC2 controller is the successor to their KRC1 controller. Many KUKA robots that are compatible with the KRC2 controller are still widely available on the second-hand market. The KUKA KR16 and KR210 are two popular KUKA robots that are compatible with the KRC2 control system. It features a modular design, rapid start-up, low maintenance, and multi-controller communication to allow multiple KUKA KRC2 robots to work collaboratively on an application.

  • • KRC2 SR - The KUKA KRC2 SR controller is designed for small KUKA robots. This controller provides high performance capabilities in a format that is more conducive for small robot operation. Small KUKA robots that may be paired with this controller include the KUKA KR5 R650.

  • • KRC3 - The KRC3 is the next controller in the KUKA KRC series. The KRC3 features many of the same capabilities as the KRC2 but in a more compact footprint. Not only does this controller take up less space than the previous KRC controllers, but it also weighs less for easier installation.

  • • KRC4 - The KRC4 is one of the latest controllers from KUKA and is compatible with many of their newer robots. The KUKA KR10 R1100 uses the KRC4 control system. The KRC4 can control up to 9 axes, features an IP54 rating, and can operate even in extreme temperatures.

  • • KRC4 Compact - KUKA’s KRC4 Compact controller features many of the same capabilities as their KRC4 controller but in a smaller footprint. Those with limited space can opt for the KRC4 Compact controller. Cables, connectors, and hardware components were reduced with this controller and replaced with software options to allow for a smaller footprint.

  • • Sunrise Cabinet - The KUKA Sunrise Cabinet is the control system used for their collaborative robots. The KUKA lbr iiwa 14 r820 is KUKA cobot that uses the Sunrise Cabinet controller. This controller features software-based solutions in order to reduce its footprint, making it both space and user-friendly.

  • • KRC5 - The KRC5 is KUKA’s newest robotic controller that was released in 2020. This controller features a compact design, user-friendly interface, and energy saving technology. This controller is compatible with new KUKA robots and those currently operating with the KRC4 controller.

  • • KRC5 Micro - The KUKA KRC5 Micro features many of the same functions as the KRC5 controller, but is designed specifically for small KUKA robots. Its smaller configuration allows it to be used in confined spaces along with small KUKA robots, maximizing their operation.

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