Advantages of Power and Force Limiting Cobots

Advantages of Power and Force Limiting Cobots

Power and force limiting cobots are the most common type of collaborative robot used in manufacturing automation. These cobots are designed with embedded sensors in either their robotic body or base in order to detect abnormal force. When abnormal force is detected these cobots are able to slow or stop their operation limiting their power and force. This allows for a safe work environment and for humans to be able to interact with the cobots. Sensors used in power and force limiting cobots vary between force torque and tactile sensors. The FANUC CR-7ia and Universal UR5 are both power and force limiting cobots.

The advantages of automating with power and force limiting cobots has led to their rapid increase in use. These advantages include:

  • • Barrier-free Operation - Power and force limiting cobots are built with several safety features to allow for barrier-free operation without increased risk to operators or other workers. Built-in sensors, rounded edges, elimination of pinch points, and their light mass help to either avoid collisions or soften impacts in the off chance they occur. The elimination of safety barriers frees up floorspace as less equipment is needed, just the cobot itself.

  • • Human and Robot Collaboration - The elimination of safety barriers allows humans and cobots to work collaboratively on projects. The Universal UR10 can directly assist workers with tasks or take over repetitive tasks so workers can focus on more critical aspects of an application.

  • • Easy to Operate - Power and force limiting cobots are incredibly easy to operate, making them ideal options for those with no previous robotic experience. Programming is a breeze with their hand guidance technology. The Universal UR16e can quickly be programmed by manually moving its arm through the waypoints of an application. Their ease of use allows for quick changeovers for new tasks. Their ease of use is also ideal for automating low volume/high mix operations with their quick redeployments.

  • • Compact Footprint - Power and force limiting cobots are smaller than most traditional industrial robots. Their small footprint means they require less floorspace than other robots. This makes them easy to install as they can be integrated into just about any factory. Their small frame and light mass also make them easy to relocate.

  • • Low Cost- Automating with a power and force limiting Cobot can be less expensive than most other articulated robots. The elimination of extra safety equipment reduces upfront costs. Purchasing a used cobot, like the FANUC CR-15ia, can save buyers even more money while still providing the same benefits.

  • • Less Powerful - One of the reasons power and force limiting cobots are considered safe is because they are less powerful than other cobots. Less power reduces the blow of any potential collisions.

  • • Increased Productivity - Research has shown adding a power and force limiting cobot to your productions can increase productivity by up to 85%. Cobots are a reliable assistant to your workers. Their ability to automate repetitive, time consuming tasks can significantly boost productivity.
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