Selling Your Used Robotic Welding System

Selling Your Used Robotic Welding System

Welding is one of the oldest robotic applications and it is quite common to see robotic welding systems on production floors across numerous industries. Robotic welding systems generally consist of a welding robot, such as the FANUC Arc Mate 100ic, a power source, like the Lincoln Powerwave i400, wire feeder, and welding torch. These systems are designed for increased efficiency, quality, and productivity. They also remove workers from the tedious and hazardous nature of welding, as robotic systems are better equipped for such tasks. While robot welding packages are beneficial to productions, there may come a time when you need to sell your used robotic welding system.

Why Sell Your Used Robotic Welding System?

There are many reasons why manufacturers may decide to sell their used robotic welding equipment. The most common reason tends to be the need to upgrade a welding system to newer equipment. Purchasing a new welding package can be expensive, since more equipment is needed besides the robot. Selling or trading-in your used robotic welding system can make your upgrade more cost-effective without completely breaking the bank. For example, you can upgrade your welding robot from a Motoman UP6 to a Yaskawa MA1400, while also changing out your power source from a Lincoln Powerwave 455M to a Lincoln Powerwave R350, along with a new wire feeder and welding torch.

In other cases, companies may be looking to sell their used welding equipment because it is no longer in use or needed and they would like to free up floorspace. Floorspace can quickly become limited, especially with robotic welding systems. Selling your used robotic welding package will not only free up floorspace, but also provide you with extra capital. This is another reason why manufacturers may decide to sell their welding systems, as this newly gained capital can then be applied to other aspects of a business. Robotic equipment companies, like Robots Done Right, can ease the resale process by purchasing your used welding system or helping with a trade-in to be applied to a new welding equipment.

Preparing Your Robotic Welding Equipment for Resale

Once you have decided it is time to sell your used robotic welding system, you will need to prepare for the resale and ensure you have the necessary information about the equipment readily available. This will help speed up the resale process and help you get the most value from your used welding package. Below is a list of information buyers will need and will be beneficial to ensure a smooth resale process.

  • - Brand, model, year, and current operation hours for the welding robot, power source, welding torch, and wire feeder.

  • - If the condition of the robot and welding equipment is like new, good, fair, or poor.

  • - If all welding equipment is included in the resale and accounted for. This would include items such as the welding torch, wire feeder, power source, and any cabling. This is important because any missing items will make the system inoperable and could hinder the sale.

  • - If the robotic welding system is functioning properly. Buyers will be willing to spend more on a well maintained and fully operating welding system as opposed to one that is not, allowing you to receive the most value from the sale.

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