4 Robot Motoman NX100 Robotic Welding Cell with Tracks and Positioners

July 17, 2020

Motoman EA1900N

Robots Done Right has acquired a very low hour robotic welding cell featuring 3 Motoman EA1900N robots and 1 HP50 robots with NX100 controllers from a seller in Indiana. The industrial robots in this cell have only 100 runtime hours. This articulated robot welding cell features a 33' ft robot RTU in the middle, 2 10' robot RTUs on the outside, and 4 through hole robotic positioners. This cell is perfect to robotic arc welding applications that require a very long welds. The EA1900N robots are equipped with Miller Auto Axcess 450 welding packages and the HP50 has a custom end of arm tooling This six axis robot welding cell features seam tracking, automated reamers and water circulators. This used Motoman robotic welding cell will be consigned to one of our partners to be evaluated, reconditioned and made available for sale.